An Easy Way to Hear Your Inner Voice

I absolutely love to hear new creative ideas and thoughts that others share about life. Which is why I adored Glennon Doyle Melton’s article in the July issue of Oprah Magazine. She’s the blogger who became famous writing her Momastery blog and her book Love Warrior. She’s real. She’s down to earth. She’s done her internal work.

She brings up a sad yet real issue about our society today. Girls and women have been brought up to be selfless. That is how we are seen as successful in the world. We aren’t taught to listen to our inner wise voices, which provide us with the answers we truly need for our lives.

A lot of my clients do hear theirs, but not everyone does. It’s vital to not only hear it, but follow it towards our dreams and goals. Without it, we just show up and react to everything that happens around us and we aren’t really steering our own lives. We’re just deciding to play nice, fit in, and go with the flow. That’s all well and good sometimes, but not when that flow goes against every fiber of your being.

Glennon gives the example in her article about asking a group of teenage boys watching tv in her living room, “Are you hungry?” They all piped in together “Yes”. When she asked the same question to the girls in the room, they looked to each other, smiled, then said, “They were fine.” Big difference.

Boys checked in with their own stomachs as to whether they were hungry. Girls checked in with each other as to whether they were hungry. Wow! THAT is what our society and upbringing has taught us as women. Don’t listen to what you need, or state it. Go with the flow, don’t rock the boat. That was a very clear message I received as I was growing up for sure.

Here’s where a cool trick that Glennon did with her girls to help them start to hear their inner voice comes in. She grabbed a coin and threw it up in the air. Heads she said would be pizza, tails, chicken. The girls had to yell out heads or tails according to what they really wanted as she tossed he coin. No thinking. 

Here’s the big aha! Your inner/wise voice bypasses your thinking mind. Your thinking mind will, well…think you to death. It will keep you mulling over decisions forever. Your inner voice actually already knows what you want and need. It probably whispers at you all the time, because that is often how it communicates. But if you aren’t hearing it or don’t really know how, this coin toss idea is a great way to get re-acquainted with it.

Obviously start small with a little decision, like going to bed early or staying up later to watch a favorite show. Heads for one, tails for the other. Toss it up, let you inner voice pick, then go with it. Maybe you really need some extra sleep. Maybe you would do better with more relaxed down time with your show before bed. Your wise self really does know. Try it, follow it. See what results you get. Write down what happens. See if there’s a pattern.

How does this relate to living a slower, simpler life? Well, you’ve got to slow down often enough to know your patterns. Do you sometimes hear your voice and don’t pay attention? Slowing down helps you become more present to how you show up for yourself and others every day. 

The more you practice hearing what you have to say and what’s important to you, the more you will know that’s your inner voice speaking. 

BTW- All 3 girls yelled heads for pizza at the same time. They actually did know exactly what they wanted.

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~ Susan

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