And the Calendar Begins Anew


The beginning of 2018 is right around the weekend corner. It will say Monday, January 1 on your calendar. Maybe you had a fantastic year in 2017, maybe it plain stunk, or maybe it was a mixed bag. Either way, this year is about over and the next is almost here.

Every morning in my email inbox I get A Note from the Universe. They are fantastic reminders and idea generators for a well-lived life. Yesterday (Friday), this one came. I loved it so much I thought I’d share.

Soon the new year starts, so now's a great time to:

1. Wipe the slate clean.

2. Focus upon what you really want.

3. Chart your course.

Or is that a bit old school? Feels tiring? Ugh!

How about an adventurous alternative:

1. Give thanks that your life is exactly as it is.

2. Decide that 2018 will be the happiest year of your life yet.

3. Every day, follow your heart and instincts down new paths. 

This is Life Coaching in a bottle really. 

1.You must give gratitude for all that you do have. The perceived good and bad.

2. You make the decision from your very core that this will be the happiest year you’ve experienced yet.

3. And you do that by following your heart and your intuition in new and different ways that seem interesting and fun.

A 3-step process to a life well lived. Pretty Simple!

I’ll see you in a grateful, happy, heart-filled 2018!!!

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~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.