Autumn and Accomplishment

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I’ll be honest. I’m a Spring/Summer kind of gal so Autumn doesn’t thrill me. My husband likes to say I have a comfortable temperature span of about 10 degrees. Below 75 is not warm enough and above 85 is too warm. Ah, well, our bodies are our bodies.

I know some of you love the cooler, crisper air. The leaves in many places turn brilliant colors. Nights are slowly becoming a bit longer than the days. Mother Nature is shifting as she always does. It’s quite magical if you think about it. We simply cannot sustain 365 days of any one season. The cycle of life with growth and rest continues. 

And as much as I think, “the year is over”, we still have 1/4 of it left. Three more months. That’s a lot of time. So my question to you is, 

What would you like to accomplish the next 3 months?? 


Clean out or organize your garage/or closets (what you’ve said you’d do for the last 5 years)?

Join a new meet-up group in your area around a topic that interests you.

Start writing that book you’ve been thinking about for a decade.

Plant bulbs for spring flowers.

Try some new recipes.

Take a class at your local community college on a subject you always thought was fascinating but never looked into.

The list for you is probably never ending. 

One of the best ways to accomplish almost anything is to take consistent lady bug steps. Those are teeny tiny little steps you write on your calendar and commit to doing. Once a week, three times, on the weekends, maybe even daily. It could be just for 15 minutes, an hour, or way more. 

We’re not talking a lifetime, only 3 months. 

This is how change happens. You do one thing differently, learn something new, move in a direction you’ve never gone. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to decide you’re going to do it. Then start. 

And this project or thing you want to do must have some helpful criteria. It must be something you are excited about, something that makes you smile, or something that you either enjoy while you are doing it or will make you feel more clean, clear, and uplifted when you’re done. 

That’s it. 

So tell me, what do you plan to accomplish this Autumn of 2017?

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~ Susan

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