Balancing Your Life using Mother Nature- Part 4/6

Here we are part 4 in a 6 part series. Here are parts one, two, and three if you need to catch up.

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? The sun with its place in the sky, the direction on the compass, the season of the year, and the energy of nature and humans with this?

We’re now shifting to the West when the sun sets. The birds and animals are heading home to nest and quiet down. People are finished with work and returning home as well to families, or to their abode. 

The season is Autumn, where we reap the benefits of a hard days work. There is celebration that we are finished and the job was done well. In the life cycle of many plants, this is the time of bearing fruit for the community. The time of harvest.

The energy of this time is of reflecting and letting go. 

This period parallels young adulthood in life. Productivity is abundant, mastering skill sets is taking place, a time of service to the greater whole.

And you? Are you winding down this time of day? Relaxing and enjoying?

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~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.