Did You Really Have A Bad Day... Or?

Was it a bad day? Or.png

Think about this one… really think about it. 

Was your entire day really that bad?

Did something not so great happen first thing and you’ve held onto it all day?

Did you decide that whatever happened had to color your entire day?

Life happens. 

Sometimes really awesome things happen at the start of your day.

Sometimes some not so awesome things happen at the start of your day.

Your day might seem more good than bad or vice versa. 

You determine how that day feels by what you think about what’s happened within it. 

If you think something is good, it will feel good.

If you think something is bad, it will feel bad.

If you think something is so so, you will feel so so.

You’ve got a couple of options.

You can change the way you think about something, therefore feel differently. 

Or you can just notice you think a certain way about something, therefore you will feel a certain way about it, then let it pass because it will. 

New thoughts will come in about what’s happening in your day, then new feelings will come in. And they’ll pass too. 

It’s only when hang onto a thought that we hang onto the feeling that goes with it.

Don’t let a bad 5 minutes give you an entire bad day.

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~ Susan

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