Do You Sometimes Feel Like A Fraud?


I love being a life coach serving and inspiring awesome women to figure out what’s next for them, especially when they are at a place in their lives where the feel stuck or lost and don’t know what that next step is. When they are thinking about following a dream, passion, or just an idea that sounds like fun I often hear them say in different ways, I couldn’t do that, “I feel like a fraud”. 

I cringe a little when I hear this. It’s super common among women to feel this way. But it stops us from going for our dreams, goals, and desires. 

When we feel like a fraud it’s because of thoughts we are thinking about ourselves, not actual facts about what we’ve accomplished in life. Thoughts are just words that come into our brain and then leave again. Often we believe those words as truth whether they are or not. Things like, “I need another degree to go after my dreams”, or “I’ve not accomplished anything in my life”. 

Facts, on the other hand, can be proven in a court of law. Things like, you  have a BS in a certain field, or you’ve raised 3 kids to adulthood.

What happens when we feel like a fraud is that we don’t separate our thoughts from the facts in our lives. We just believe those thoughts and not the facts. 

So, I’m stealing a fun little exercise from a mentor life coach of mine named, Susan Hyatt. She’s a rockstar in the coaching field and is as down to earth as they get. 

Grab your computer. Or get a piece of paper and a pen.

At the top of the page, write down:

“Sometimes I feel like a fraud.”

Below that, please write:

“However, this isn’t true. I am not a fraud. In fact, I am very qualified because…”

And then write down the facts about what you’ve done in the past… the facts about what you’ve achieved… the facts about the training you’ve gotten… about your credentials… your victories… your wins… make a list of the facts. Remember, facts can be backed with evidence and proven in a court of law.

After doing this exercise you can see how your thoughts about something in your life differ from actual facts about that same thing. 

This is how you can start going after your goals, dreams, and desires. You separate the truth from the non-truth and can see right in front of you the thoughts you have (which are creating your feelings) and keeping you stuck.

Ditch the crappy thoughts.

Trust the facts.

Please share if you know just the perfect person who needs this.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay with permission.