Don't Take Life So Seriously

Don't Take Life Too Seriously. No One Gets Out Of It Alive. _).png

Life is as serious as you make it. Notice that none of us are getting out of here alive anyway. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t make conscientious choices that feel good and right to you. I am saying that if you don’t lighten up a little you’ll end up living a serious life where you’re not enjoying much.

Your entire life happens because of  you’re thinking. Without the thoughts that continuously bubble up in your mind you would not experience life at all. You simply must have a thought about yourself, someone else, or a circumstance in the world in order to have a feeling about it. Notice this in your own life.

If a friend says something to you one day, it might upset you. If they say the same thing another day, it might not upset you at all. Your thinking happens so fast you don’t even realize it’s happening. Your feelings will stick around however and that’s how you know what you’ve been thinking. If you notice you’re feeling crappy, that’s how you know you had a thought that brought a crappy feeling. If you’re feeling good, that’s how you know you had a thought that brought a good feeling. 

Two people could be at a baseball game side by side watching the same things unfold in front of them. Yet one person might be having a great time and the other might be irritated. It’s not the game itself that’s causing any of it. It’s your thinking about what you’re watching that creates the feelings you feel. You can feel great one moment because of what you’re thinking, then feel like ugh! the next, because of what you’re thinking. 

The beauty of your innate design is you don’t have to do anything when you feel good or feel bad because of what you’re thinking. Just know new thoughts will come up and the old ones will pass on by. This is what naturally happens. You’ll feel one way, then another (because of your thoughts), all throughout your day.

So how do you not take life so seriously? By realizing that you believe your thoughts to be true with a capital T. They are just thoughts you are having about life moment to moment. If they are serious thoughts, they’ll make life seem serious.  All thoughts come and go. All feelings come and go. You don’t have to do anything at all. That’s your (my, our) inherent design. They wash in and wash out like the waves on a beach. You simply can’t stop that from happening even if you wanted to. 

If you don’t analyze them, decide if they are right or wrong, try to change them, or focus on them, they will come and go like the weather. Notice how much of your daily thoughts already do that. 

Don’t take your thinking so seriously. It’s going to change moment to moment anyway. You might feel one way this minute and another way 10 minutes from now. Actually, it’s highly likely. How can you possibly take an ever changing process too seriously? 

Remember, none of us is getting out of here alive. 

~ Susan

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