Feel Like You're Going to Make a Mistake?

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Many of my clients (and me sometimes) are afraid to make mistakes in their life. And do you know what that does to us? We get like a deer in headlights mode. We freak out, freeze, and do nothing. Because if you think you might make the wrong decision you don’t want to go there and you won’t.

There are two schools of thought around “making mistakes”.

School of thought #1-There are no mistakes. Meaning, whatever choice you make in any area of your life, however it pans out, it was meant to happen that way. It’s not a “mistake” because you can always learn  from the choice you made. That is of course, if you are willing to see it as a learning opportunity. 

If you see something as just a plain old dumb, stupid mistake, you are more likely to beat yourself up about it mentally and vow to never do it again, and push it out of your mind so that it never returns. And that would be a sad thing because you could learn so much about yourself in the process. I think we always try our best to make the best decisions with the information we have at any given time to do what’s right for ourselves.

School of Thought #2-You are going to make mistakes because last time I checked, you are a human being too. You’re going to say something awkward to someone, you’re going to show up late to an appointment, you’re going to fall flat on your face in the Olympics and it will cost you the gold medal… in front of the world.  You get the drift. 

You’re going to screw up, no matter how hard you try. I do it all the time. It doesn’t matter that you screw up (since you will). What matters is that you take ownership of it in a healthy way. AND you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. You apologize when you hurt someone, you make amends. You learn about yourself and why you did what you did in that moment. Or you think about what you spent money on that turned out to be “a waste” and look at what your thought process was during that time that made you spend it. Again, you learn from it.

School of Thought #3-I think this is the most helpful school of thought. As a human, you’re going to make mistakes AND you can use those mistakes as valuable life lessons for you to see how you show up in the world, and for yourself. It’s a shift of your mind. 

So what you screwed up? What did you learn? So what that you offended someone? What did you learn? So what that you blew it in front of the world and lost the gold medal? What did you learn? Think about those olympians who had exactly that happen 4 years ago and they are back competing again in this Olympics now trying to get the gold. They probably did beat themselves up, AND they decided to learn from it AND move forward. They are human beings with drive and passion. Just like you. If they can do it. You can to. 

So go out there and live your life. Make those mistakes. Learn from them. Move forward. The most successful people I know (meaning they live life form their truth on their terms) make mistakes often. They’ve all said it was the best, and fastest way, they became successful.

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~ Susan

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