Feeling Content

There’s something I’ve noticed over time. When you follow your true nature, your inner voice, your inner longings and desires, you tend to feel content. 

Many years ago when I first started dating my husband, I vaguely recall a conversation we had. I don’t remember it’s exact content but what I do remember is telling him I felt content. He asked what I meant by that. It was mostly about not needing to change anything that was happening in my life. Nothing needed to be shifted. Nothing needed to be fixed. At the time I was newly divorced, changing careers, and my life was not what I would call “settled”, but I was content. 

I’ve decided that feeling content is quite under-rated. I think many people think of content as being ok with the status quo. You aren’t working towards something, you aren’t making headway on your big goals, maybe you’re a bit lazy even. 

And you know what, we all have different ideas and desires about what a happy and fulfilled life looks and feels like. I’ve got friends who are always planning and training for their next big physical adventure. I’ve got friends that if you asked them to sit still out in nature for 2 hours they’d rip their own hair out from boredom. I’ve also got friends that would give their left arm to just sit and write all day. 

Pick up any self-help book or article, it’s all about fulfilling your greatest potential, being the best you can be, pushing through your fears, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

There are people that want that. They want to push their boundaries and limits, and see what they can actually do. 

And that’s fantastic. 

For them.

But I’m wondering, seriously wondering, if there isn’t a pretty good size segment of the population (including me) that isn’t excited about jumping out of bed every day to see how much of their potential they can fulfill today. And this is coming from someone who isn’t even near retirement age. 

Do you know what excites me most when I get out of bed in the morning? When I wake up and feel rested, ready with energy to start my day. That yummy morning cup of coffee I’m going to drink. Sitting on my deck or looking out my window enjoying the birds that come to feed and the pop-full-of-color flowers that I’ve picked up from local greenhouse to enjoy for the summer. 

The contentment in the first hour of my day alone is so fulfilling. Maybe I think about the rest of my day and what I’ll be doing later during that time, and maybe I’ll just sit and enjoy where I’m at. 

In a culture where busy is king, this queen isn’t playing that game. My true nature won’t allow it. Doing more doesn’t equal contentment, unless it really does for you. Contentment comes from doing things you love and enjoy, your way, in your time. And if that doesn’t flow with what’s happening around you, so what? The world needs the balancing energy of people who are more content. And if doing less and not striving every minute to the next goal makes you more content, then that’s your path. It’s not that life isn’t sometimes hard, and sometimes too busy, it is. Buy it’s you that determines your contentedness and how you balance that out.

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~ Susan

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