Have you heard of Hygge??

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Over the past several months I kept hearing about the Danish philosophy of hygge. Hygge is pronounced (“hoo-ga”) It’s a slow-moving, stress-free mindset where the Danes embrace the winter months completely differently than we Americans do. Hygge values the idea of cherishing yourself: candlelight, bakeries, and dinner with friends; a celebration of experiences over possessions, as well as being kind to yourself and treasuring a sense of community.

It’s as much a feeling as a cultural concept.

The two English words that come closest to describing this attitude is warm and cozy.

Rather than fight the long, dark winters they’ve learned how to embrace the cold, how to prepare for it and how to find joy for being indoors when it’s miserable outside.

Hygge is about getting back to basics, about prioritizing what’s important in life. To be Nordic by definition is to be both a keen observer of nature and a participant. Getting outside most days, even for a short time to move and be invigorated by the cold fresh air and possibly snow. Maybe they even invented the adage, “There's no bad weather, only bad gear”.

Ir’s about relaxing. Coming home where you’ve got a warm, cosy fire place to curl up in front of with a fuzzy blanket, your favorite cup of tea and a good book. Bringing in lots and lots of light via candles. They say you can never have too many. It’s a time of gathering with upbeat friends who appreciate the hygge lifestyle as much as you. They revel in really good foods, especially baked goods. Warm scones and taking the time to savor each bite.  Taking alone time for yourself is paramount. Whether that be outside in nature, reading, drawing, painting, or crafting.

Does reading my description make you want to sigh??

I read one of the multitude of books based on hygge principles and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so nice to read about other cultures who embrace a different kind of living. More simple and relaxed. 

There are many choices out there so what determines the “best” hygge book I can’t say. But you could always try your local bookstore, library for a real copy (or digital copy), or look up hygge books in Amazon and get a slew to read an excerpt from.

And even if where you live right now, winter isn’t occurring, you might either have it eventually or could adopt some of these soothing ideas and principles into your own life.

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~ Susan

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