Holiday Feelings


This is the time of year when almost everyone celebrates one holiday or another in December or early January. It’s a time of great joy, stress, and sadness. Families and friends get together to celebrate, and at the same time many have lost loved ones. We’re ending one year and beginning another. This year’s presidential election has changed a lot of people’s moods this December as well.

And you know what, however you are feeling, whether it be happy, depressed, or anything in-between, just go with it. Sit with it, be in it, journal about it, talk with someone about it, feel it. Our emotions come and go all day long, that’s normal. Some linger longer. Those are the ones that have a message for you. What are you needing to hear?

In the end, give gratitude (even a little). It’s our feelings, our emotions, that let us know what’s important to us.

Sending you Big Love at Holiday time.

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~ Susan

Your true life (know it, feel it, live it)

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