Honor Your Body

I woke up Thursday morning this week from a very deep sleep. The kind of deep sleep where you feel a bit heavy, it takes you a little longer to wake up, and you don’t have quite the same spring in your step. And, for some reason I woke up with quite the kink in my neck and upper back. It was the kind of kink that when you turn your head either direction, all the muscles on the right side of my neck and upper back tightened and pinched. It was quite the unpleasant experience. And it made me feel off, like I just wasn’t right. My energy felt wacky and I almost wanted to cry (from an emotional place) but didn’t know why. I had planned to do some kind of a workout that day, and well, that wasn’t going to happen with my body in this state of affairs.

As luck would have it, or what I would call universal intervention, there was a restorative flow yoga class at our local fitness center that morning. If you don’t know much about yoga it’s the kind of class that is more gentle and stretchy than strong and muscl-ey. I love those classes too but my body wasn’t up for that.


When I saw that class being offered I “knew” it was what my body needed. It wasn’t what my mind wanted for sure. My mind wanted a more worky outy/strength workout and my body said oh hell no. So off I went to the lighter yoga class.

As class started and we started slowly moving, my neck and right shoulder were not happy campers. Every little motion seemed to irritate things. But as our yoga instructor kept reminding us, I just breathed into that space. Breathing in relaxing, calming energy, and breathing out stagnant energy. I repeatedly did this over and over and over again as we slowly moved from one pose to the next, spending increased time in one place to hold, stretch, and breathe into that pose.

After 60 minutes I walked out into crisp fall air and a blue sky filled with yellow and red leaves blowing in the breeze. I felt lighter, expanded, more awake, less tension, and my muscles felt so much more relaxed. I could turn my neck either direction without sharp pinching. It was almost miraculous.

All because I honored my body. Something was very off when I woke up. I listened. It said it needed restoration so off to the perfect class I went. I gave it what it needed and it sighed a big thank you in return.

Your body speaks, sometimes loudly, sometimes softly. You cannot get through this life without it functioning. It wants to function on a high level. So why not honor it and give it what it needs. Your body will be happy and so will you.

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~ Susan

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