How to Replenish Your Sanity

If you are anything like me, you are tired, weary, sad, and just plain over what’s happening in American politics, the continued racism in our country, not to mention sexism, homophobia, global warming and terrorism, just to name a few. It can truly be overwhelming and so unsettling. And you might be actively combatting any or all of what I mentioned above in your own community, trying to bring togetherness where it’s lacking.

I also know (and I’ve said it before), world peace always starts with peace inside you. You cannot force another person to find their own. You can help them on that journey, but in the end it is up to them if they want to find it.

So how do you replenish your sanity when everything else seems to be beyond insane? My go to, always, is Mother Nature.


She holds such a huge key for human survival. Not only would we not survive if she weren’t here, but when we utilize her gifts, we thrive.

That’s why when I feel completely out of sorts, stressed, in need of down time, and to get away from the parts of the world that grate on me, I go to her.

Whether I spend an hour walking on a trail, sitting by the river, looking at the trees, listening to the birds… If I’m there long enough, the unrest rests. My inner stability returns. I may not be able to change what is happening in the world but I can sit in my own inner space of quiet where there are no worries or problems to be fixed.

I know that saying finding your own inner peace in a world that obviously needs fixing, is not a popular sentiment. I never have been part of the popular crowd. My drummer beats slowly and treads lightly. But when you are peaceful on the inside, that is the energy that spreads out from you on a cellular subconscious level. That vibe is felt by others. Think about how you yourself feel when you spend time with someone who is relaxed and content. You not only feel better, you feel more of that within you. That is one way to spread peace. Not by talking about it, but by being it.

That’s why my go to is nature. That is where I find and can settle into that peaceful space that sometimes gets lost.

That’s my invitation to you this week. Go spend an hour, or three, or a day in nature away from human made noise as much as possible. And just be there in it. Let it work its magic on you. No phone, no people, no agenda.

Just you and the natural space of peace.

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~ Susan

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