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Hi everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT week? WHAT? We haven’t even made plans yet. Well, ok, my husband and I are running in a local run called I Like Pie! Isn’t that a fantastic title for an event? You run a few miles on Thanksgiving morning, then you eat pie. Done and done. And who knows, maybe that’s all we’ll do. 

I work part-time for a great outdoor gear company called REI. Maybe you’ve heard of it. ;) For the 3rd year in a row they are closing on Black Friday, paying all of their employees to Get Outside, and asking the rest of the public to join us. We can all shop 24/7 on any other day of the year, but REI has taken a stand and said, “No More”. We have to get away from consumerism occasionally and remember what’s important. Getting outside in nature and spending time with family and friends. NOT shopping.

You can see what others around the country are going to do and share what you plan to do that day right here. It's a really cool website, check it out. We haven’t made our Black Friday plans yet but I can guarantee it’s going to include getting outside and enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer that day. 

But I mostly want to focus on you this week. Specifically, what’s on your mind and heart? What’s bothering you, upsetting you, feeling off in your life? What’s frustrating? Disheartening? Worrisome? I can address it here. I won’t mention your name, but maybe a lot of others can benefit. 

So many of our troubles are universal. Meaning we’ve all had some form of them, and if not, the feelings that arise are similar. 

So throw it at me. 

I’m always looking for more ways to address what’s going on with my clients. And I’ve got to know what’s bothering them most to do that. So if there’s anything that comes up for you, please hit reply and let me know. If I don’t send a newsletter out about it I’ll send a personal email to you to address it. Deal??

And Happy Thanksgiving! Take some time to think about and feel what you are grateful for. No matter what is happening in the news and around the world, your little slice of the world has something really good.

Feel free to leave a comment on the blog below, or email me, susan@susancarrollcoaching.com.

Please share if you know just the perfect person who would love this.

~ Susan

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