Is Your Life Busy or Full?


Take a moment to ponder this before reading on. Does your life feel more full or more busy??

Do you know the difference? Because there is one. 

A busy life is filled with something to do all the time. It usually feels hectic, frantic, that there isn’t enough time, you don’t have enough energy, you wish the days were longer to “get it all done," and then you wake up the next day and do the SAME thing, then wonder why you’re exhausted and don’t really feel all that accomplished. Repeat again the next day, and the next…

A full life is has a different energy to it. Not hectic, not frantic, at all. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a to-do list. We will ALWAYS have one. It’s a life where you decide and choose what you will do in your day based upon what’s important to you, what feeds you, what nourishes you, what feels good saying yes to and doesn’t leave you feeling like every last ounce of energy will be gone from your body if you do it. Your life is filled with meaning and overall feels good.

It’s a mindset, and attitude, and intention for your life. Does cramming a bazillion things into your day excite you? If it does, and that’s your MO, then by all means DO that. If spreading things out, even if the entire to-do list doesn’t get done today or exactly on your time line, feels a bit more like you can take a breath, then DO that.

Your To-Do list will always always be there. So will mine. You know that saying?, “The only constant in life is change.” Yes, it’s totally true. Unexpected things will happen in your day sometimes. Traffic holds you up, your doctor’s appointment went long, the grocery store was SO busy with people, you injured yourself and now must take several weeks to rest. You will have things to do that you don’t particularly enjoy doing. Things that seem like a waste of time. It’s all part of it.

And yes, sometimes even your to-do list gets done just as you planned and everything falls into place that day as you’d hoped. And that’s really nice too.

In the end, it’s really your relationship with time, your beliefs around time, and what you value in your life that matter. If you want your life to be more full and not quite so busy, the shift must come from how you treat time. You are the only one who truly chooses how you spend it. 

Even if you have a job that says you must work a certain number of hours per week. Within those hours, how are you approaching that time? Are you utilizing it in a way that fits your energy and brain power? What little shifts can you make to help? There is always a way to make things work for you if you’re willing to get creative. 

Time will go by, that’s just what it does.

But is your life full or busy? 

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~ Susan

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