Just Show Up

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It’s another post involving yoga! I swear, if you are willing to notice, everything in your life can be a metaphor for everything else in your life.  

For my Saturday yoga class I used to check the schedule to see who was teaching. I was quite particular about my favorites. If I wasn’t thrilled about the instructor or didn’t know them I wouldn’t go. But I love the time frame so over time I stopped looking at who was teaching and just showed up. Then something really interesting happened. I stopped expecting a class to be a certain way. Harder or easier. Faster or slower. More core work, less core work, more breathing, less breathing. 

When I showed up, I got exactly what either my mind, body, soul, or all three needed in that hour. Maybe it was a certain area of my body that needed more lengthening that day. Maybe it was something the instructor said that would resonate with me and remind me to ponder a little more on it. Maybe I was able to put my individual life into perspective with the bigger whole. 

We allknow the song about not getting what we want but getting what we need by the Rolling Stones. And it’s true. If I want a hard class, I can absolutely go on a time and day with an instructor I know is going to work my tushy. 

And then there’s Saturday morning at 8:15. I show up and invariably, get exactly what I need. 

Dropping the desire for things to be exactly as we’d like is no easy task. But if you can do it every now and again, you might be refreshingly surprised at the results of your practice. 

Where might you need to just show up and trust that whatever comes is perfect??

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~ Susan

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