Living in the Slow Lane of Life (if that's your preference)

My favorite lane to drive in is the slow lane. My husband secretly (ok maybe not so secretly) is not a fan of this. Let’s just say I like to drive at a slower pace and if I’m behind someone driving more slowly than me it’s completely fine if I don’t pass them. Safety over arriving two minutes sooner is my policy. 

Living life more slowly and deliberately is also how I like to live. It is way more important than getting shit done. There will always be shit to get done. As long as you prioritize getting it done in a healthy way that works for you, then honestly, what needs to get completed, does.

There are several Slow Movements circulating world wide right now. This makes my heart so happy. Though I wouldn’t have realized so many people were interested in that lifestyle like me, I’m so glad people are, and we slow movers can all join in and be a part. 

There is a magazine out of Australia called Slow. Their tagline is, Good Things Take Time. The description of the magazine states, Slow is a quarterly Australian publication aimed at people who are curious about the slower things in life, and who want to create a thoughtful, sustainable (and fun and delicious) lifestyle. We love meaningful experiences in nature and at home, with food, fashion, travel, art, community and eco culture.

You can subscribe and get a paper, or digital copy. The articles are fun, interesting, and thoughtful. Topics range from food, wine, travel, art, culture, health, home, garden, and more. Here is their website to check out. You can sign up for the e-newsletter for free, by clicking here. You’ll receive a few free articles in your inbox every two weeks (or “each fortnight” as they say). 

You might get some great ideas and feel inspired. I know I do, and I love that others are with me in this thoughtful, slower journey. 

Check it out and let me know what you think. And By the Way, are you one of those people that enjoys living life at a slower pace? I would love to hear your thoughts on this if you are.

Again, the website, and to sign up for the free newsletter.

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~ Susan

Helping you live a slower, simpler life

Image by Pixabay, with permission.