Living the Slow and Oh So Good Life

I live a slow life. What do I mean by a slow life?

It means I only say yes to things I really want to do. I say no when I really want to say no. I sleep at least 8 hours every night. I will leave a gathering of friends early to get sleep because when I’m tired my quality of time with them is diminished. I take the time to write this post for you every week because it’s fun. I exercise my body in ways that feel great, like running, hiking, mountain biking, and doing yoga. I sit on the couch or my deck when my body tells me it needs the rest. It always tells me what it needs if I really listen. I make sure I have time alone in nature to ponder. I don’t overbook myself with too many things to do in one day because that causes me stress and I’m not going to do that to myself. I don’t rush from one thing to the next trying to get it all done. I spend quality time with the people who inspire me.


It’s taken me a while to realize that I’ll never be complete. Never be finished. Never get it all done. And that’s perfectly ok. I don’t have to.

I get it. It IS the proverbial and literal journey that matters. Even when the journey sucks at times. And boy oh boy don’t we all know when it sucks.

I’m 45, approximately halfway to my life expectancy in the U.S. whatever that’s worth. But since I really have no freaking clue when my earthly expiration date will come, I’ve decided I might as well just enjoy the ride. Sometimes my days feel long. Not in the, “Oh good God please let this day be over” kind of way. But more in a “Wow, I’ve really enjoyed all the things I’ve done today” kind of way.

My life feels slow because I can see how much less I do than most people I know. But it is by choice. Some people flow much better with more on their plate. I flow with less.

Creating my time to fit my style is the best gift I can give to myself. I think I’ve spent years perfecting this without even knowing it. About 5 years ago I told the Universe I wanted to have free time to do whatever made me happy. And I actually believed I could have it. Not that I had to. Not that I was entitled. More of a “why not me” kind of desire. My wish was granted. I’m filled with gratitude for it but I also know that part of the reason I have what I want is that I’ve made choices in my life every step of the way to set me up for living the way I live.

Isn’t that part of life’s meaning? Knowing what you want, then taking action and making choices to get you to that place. It’s part practical, part magical. Yes, I believe the universe conspires to help you get what you desire AND the thoughts you think, the feelings you have, and the actions you take help too.

I found this quote the other day that sums all of this up pretty well.

”Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished." ~ Lao Tzu

My true nature is one that never hurries. Yet everything that needs to be accomplished in my life is. I often feel like a log floating down a river, meandering along, and enjoying whatever comes up around each bend.

Follow your own true nature, it will not lead you astray.

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~ Susan

your true life (know it, feel it, live it)

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