Look For What's Working

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Our minds are incredibly powerful. Think about how one crappy thing happens at the start of our day and that one crappy thing can color how the rest of our day goes. Or the opposite. Say your day starts off with someone complimenting you. That can color your day in a totally different way.

This is why I always tell my clients that you have to rewire your brain to focus on what’s good in your life if you want to have a life that feels good. 

Think about a hiking trail. If it’s used a lot that path is clear. If it’s not used, weeds, bushes, and grasses grow over the path and it’s not easily passable.

That’s how the neural pathways in your brain work. The one’s that are already used frequently keep getting used because the path is clear. The ones that aren’t used very often are mucked up with weeds so that path isn’t clear.

When you focus on what’s good in and what’s working for your life that’s the clear pathway your brain will follow and where your focus will go. When you focus on what’s not good or isn’t working, that’s the clear pathway your brain will follow and where your focus will go. 

Basically you want the “what’s good in your life” path to be clear of weeds and the “what’s not so good in your life” path to be full of weeds.

In other words focus on what you do want and stop focusing on what you don’t want. 

This is so so challenging. Your brains use the most energy of everything in your body, so your brain likes to be efficient and not waste energy. If it’s used to focusing on what’s not going well it has become very efficient at that and will keep using that path. It’s free of weeds.

If however you start to change you’re focus to what’s good and working in your life, that’s not as efficient for your brain because that pathway is full of weeds and it’s takes more time and energy to clear away those weeds and make that path clear.

That is why change is so hard. It is literally harder for your brain to clear away the weeds and make a different path. It takes more energy.

It’s not impossible however and worth the effort. 

Because the people who are most happy/fulfilled in life have trained their brains to use the path that focuses on what’s good and working. That path is clear and since it is, it’s efficient, and boy does that make the brain happy to walk, stroll, or race down clear pathways.

This is where your free will and choice come in. You choose which pathway you want to create in your brain every day. Just know, since your brain wants to be efficient, it will continue to use the clearest path that’s already there. If that path is full of the “what’s wrong with and not working in your life” thoughts, that’s the path it will continue to take. Every single time.

You must slowly and deliberately choose which path you want your brain to take. You’ve got to clear the weeds to create a new path. 

That path is either the clear one of gratitude or it’s the clear one of blech.

You can start right now.

It’s your life. What path do you want to be most clear in your brain?

Please share if you know just the perfect person who needs this.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.