Messages from Nature

If you’ve been receiving this newsletter than you know me pretty well by now. Nature, in all of its forms, as well as getting outside are incredibly important to my soul and overall wellbeing. This may not be true for everyone but I’m betting that if you’re reading this it’s true for you too. Just being outside helps me feel more grounded and peaceful. I had another life coach recently ask me what messages nature was giving me for my life. And I had no idea. This is the beauty of having someone else ask you questions to help you find your own perfect answers.

So as I was out walking my dog the other day, there were what seemed like thousands of birds chirping in the trees around me. Since I noticed this I asked, “What is the message for me with all of these birds chattering?” And back the answer came, “You need to get your voice out more, you need to be heard.”


And then just yesterday there were two deer in our backyard. A doe and fawn I believe. One lovingly licking the others neck. Again, I asked,”What is the message for me with this?”. The answer came, “You need to be more kind.”

This voice I heard was quite calm, clear, confident, and comforting. Not loud, booming, or scolding. It was my voice. The voice of my higher self (that part of me that is wise and connected to all that is) informing me of what needed to do for my life.

Simple and direct this voice is of mine. When I hear it and follow it, it never steers me wrong.

All I had to do was ask and wait for the answer to show up.

You can do this too. Try it the next time you’re outside and notice an animal, a tree, a rock, water, whatever. Ask, what is the message you have for me? Don’t “think” about it, just notice what comes up. If you are truly open to the message, it will come.

Let me know if you try this and what comes up for you, I’d love to hear about it.

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~ Susan

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