Oh The Glory of Imperfection!

We’re back together again as we roll into 2017. I was SO hoping you would be reading this on a new newsletter with a new look and I’d be introducing you to my new website today. Alas, no.

I’m a recovering perfectionist. Meaning, in my earlier years, if everything wasn’t “just so”  AKA perfect, I wouldn’t share it or put it out into the world. I don’t know if any of you have or have had this issue, but if you do or have, you know how tiring it is. 

I’m betting you’ve already read a lot out there on how done is more than good enough. And if everyone waited until something was perfect, the world would most definitely not have all the amazing books, movies, art, etc…. that we have. Perfection doesn’t truly exist anyway.

Standards are important though. I’m holding my new newsletter and website to a high standard. A standard that things look clear, link buttons work, and pages are easy to navigate. They aren’t there yet. That process takes a tremendous amount of time (and patience). 

Did I mention we’ve had massive snow here in the NW and our internet was out for over 24 hours. Not an excuse, but a fact of life. You can’t do much online when the internet is out.

So as much as I had a deadline and wanted to meet it, I can’t. But instead of stressing out over this fact (or beating myself up mentally), I will continue to plug away and focus on the standards I’ve intended. I plan to unveil everything next Saturday. 

I know they won’t be perfect. I know they won’t be completely done. But I know that they will be enough and I can make changes from there.

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~ Susan

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