Powering Off

My most fantabulous yoga instructor has a cool little portable bluetooth speaker that she uses for music in our yoga class. When class is over and she turns it off, it has a female voice that comes booming out that says, “Powering Off”. And with just those two words, this post was inspired.

How often do you Power Off? I mean really, truly, decidedly, meaningfully Power Off?

The kind of Powering Off where you take away as many distractions as you can from your life, hopefully all. Phone off, tv off, radio off, away from people, traffic, noise. I mean a REAL Power Off.


We are inundated constantly with information coming at us full blast all day long through all of our senses. Requests from other people, horns honking, radio, the internet, anything having to do with the U.S. election coverage, the list is absolutely endless. It is non-stop and will continue to be that way.

And we are not designed to keep up with it all. To be ON all the time. It isn’t healthy for our minds, our hearts, or our souls. In fact, it poisons us. The stress level most people face on a constant daily basis is a huge contributing part to many of the illnesses and disease millions of people have in this country. Disease and illness do not overcome healthy immune systems. Healthy immune systems can easily fight off the crud that comes in.

But that has to be a conscientious decision on your part to decide what you let in. You, and only you have the power to decide that. There are countless studies that show constantly running on the hamster wheel of life without Powering Off does not help you get more done faster. It only wears you out, diminishes your immune system, and invites illness in.

You must choose to Power Off on a regular basis. I don’t care if it’s 10 minutes if that’s all you can spare today, 3 hours this week, or a maybe it’s time every day you schedule. If you actually want a life that feels good to you, you must stop making excuses and choose what you know to be right for you. And I can almost assure you that Powering Off regularly is one of those essentials. It’s your life. Your time. Make it matter.

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