Saying Yes to Opportunity

I’m in Nosara, Costa Rica as you read this. No I’m not saying this to make you envious, though you might be. 

I’ve been longing to go sit on a warm, sandy beach for probably months now. Our Central Oregon winter has been long. Longer, colder, and icier than any of the first few we’ve had here. I do generally enjoy winter, but this one has been much harder than this former native Floridian and decade-long Alaskan would have liked.

Enter opportunity.

A good friend of mine who spends a month in Costa Rica every year just happened to mention (after I had had bemoaned winter and wanted so much to spend time in real warmth) that she had space in her house for me if I wanted to join her and do just that.

My first thought was, “oh my gosh that would be absolutely fantastic!”. My second thought, “there’s no way I’ll be able to get time off on short notice and airfare will be through the roof.” I decided right then and there I would at least look into it. 

Well the sun gods heard my plea. Airfare wasn’t astronomical and I could get time off work. This was working out to be a no-brainer.

What’s the point of my sharing this?

Opportunities show up in your life. Maybe you notice them, maybe you don’t, but I can tell you they are there. This one showed up for me. My only desire in all of this was to spend some good down time in a favorite venue. That venue just happens to be a warm, sandy beach. 

And even better, I’ll be staying close to a rainforest and a yoga studio. I’ve got plans to run and walk on the beach, journal, meditate, do yoga, explore the area, and hang out with my friend. Exactly what this winter weary human wanted and needed. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

What opportunity is right in front of you that you might have asked for or not? If it feels right, please say yes. 

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~ Susan


Image by Pixabay, with permission.