Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone has shown up in my life twice in one week. My Simple Abundance book mentioned the importance of it and so did my kick ass yoga instructor Ruth Ann when she shared a reading both at the beginning and end of our class. So I thought I’d make it three times and share it with you. Spending time with you and only you is so very important. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and spent so much time with just myself when I was young that I got really comfortable with it. And to this day I can spend hours, days, and probably even weeks alone without any problem.

We humans are social creatures, yes. And we need to spend time with each other for work, for recreation, for connection. Our relationships with each other are vital to a life filled with meaning.

But then there are the in-between-spaces. The time where maybe we aren’t working on a project for our job, or enjoying down time with friends and family. It’s the space of alone time where it’s just you. And I don’t mean you reading a book, I mean just you and your mind, you and your life.


It’s such a sacred space. Or should be. It’s the time where you are with yourself to think about what you want or need to think about. When you feel your emotions. When you dream big or small dreams. When you give gratitude for what you love about your life. And gripe about what you don’t. When you cry for what seems like an earth being destroyed, and feel your heart swell when you see the geese fly above you. It’s time where you try to let go of nagging things from the past, and make optimistic plans for the future. It’s when your soul might actually have your full attention to speak to you and you may even be able to hear it.

And maybe, just maybe, you find peace. Quiet. Stillness. Bliss.

But I dare say, you must spend sacred, quality time alone to find out.

Doing that this week might nurture your life. Give it a try. You might just love it and make sure it happens on a regular basis. I hope you do.

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~ Susan

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