Spending Time in Quiet Places

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I was hiking with a friend recently and part of our discussion included how each of us spends quite a bit of time away from others, screens, noise, and out in nature. That without doing that on a regular basis we would not be very sane.

Our brains need down time and not just when we sleep.

There’s a reason why we sometimes pull away from people, noise, and screens. 

It’s what we humans need. It’s not negotiable. How well do you function when you force your brain to be ON all the time? Think about it. 

No one functions long term like that. 

Maybe for you, spending time in a quiet place could be out in nature.

It could be reading a book.

It could be meditating.

It could even be sitting in a room with background relaxing music on.

It’s anywhere that you feel your brain gets a break from stimulation.

This is often when breakthroughs happen for our life. The question we had that we were looking for an answer, or that problem with our neighbor we couldn’t find a resolution for. Amazing solutions can come through our brains to us, but you have to give your brain space for that solution. Quiet time gives your brain space. 

Underneath all the noise of the outside world and the noise of our brains talking to us, there is quiet, calm, and peace. It’s who you are at your core.

Almost everyone I know wants to feel more of that. 

Remove the noise, let your brain chatter for a while because it will, then see if you can notice the calm underneath. It’s always there. 

Are you already doing this consistently? I'd love to know.

Please share if you know just the perfect person who would like this.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.