Spring Cleaning For Your Life

It’s spring here in the US. It’s my favorite time of year. Spring is all about possibility. Warmth. New growth. New life. Starting again.

I recently helped a co-worker pack up her belongings into boxes as she’s moving out of her rental house where she has been on her own into a house where she’ll have a small space with room mates. 

I hauled a full car load of belongings to Goodwill for her. Even though they weren’t my things, I felt freer for her.  She felt that way too.

The best reason I have ever found to get rid of things is the energetic feeling I get from opening up space. The space in your home that you open can be a metaphor for your life. 

Your home is an extension of your life energetically. Are you loaded and weighed down with things? Think about it this way. When a backpacker hits the trail they can only carry so much weight in their pack. When you are deciding what to take, you get very conscientious about what goes and what stays, because you have to carry that load every single step. You discover and decide what you really need and what you really want. And though you might want more, you can’t realistically carry it. You lose the freedom to hike longer distances if you carry too much.

The same goes for the space you have in your home. You decide what you need and what you want. Does having more stuff give you the feeling of freedom? Sure, short term it might feel good, but long term when closets are full and you don’t use what you already have on a regular basis, that creates heaviness and stagnancy. 

Think about the last time you went through a closet or drawer or room in your house and got rid of things you didn’t want or need anymore. What feeling did that give you? That feeling is energy. That energy is needed to drive your life. Do you want it to be a lighter energy or a heavier one?  

When you have less clutter or things you don’t want, need, or use, the more space you will open up in your home and in your life. 

Often that increased space (that different energy) allows for other things to come into your life. Maybe it’s a few new things. And by “things” I mean anything from some new updated clothes, or appliances, but it could mean you have a more clear mind that allows for more creative ideas, possibly money, or maybe you just have more space to breathe. 

And in a world that seems nuttier than ever right now, don’t we all need just a little more space to breathe?

There are many books out there on clearing clutter and getting rid of what isn’t functional or beautiful in your home but I think mostly we know when we go to clear out a closet or shelf what needs to go. 

You could always try this. With whatever item you’re thinking about tossing or donating, will getting rid of it bring you a little more feeling of freedom? If so, then I’d say it’s time to let it go and bring in a little more springlike energy into your life.

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~ Susan


Image by Pixabay, with permission.