Take Action Then Rest (Rinse and Repeat)

I’ve had a great discussion via email with one of my newsletter subscribers this week. We are both equally in distress by the person who currently occupies the oval office. If this offends any readers of my newsletter who are supporters of that individual, that’s okay. If you need to unsubscribe, that’s okay. We might just value different things in life. That’s okay too. 

I have been so inspired by the millions of people standing up in this country to say that what is happening is not only not normal or okay, it’s detrimental on the largest scale to the fabric of our society, and humanity.  I don’t need to go into it in depth, you already get it.

I did March the day after the inauguration to give my voice and support for the equality of all human beings, I have written to my senators, I do follow the news and try to figure out what is true, and I’m also working on what consistent actions I can take that are most aligned with what I value. I have never been active in anything political before, possibly like many of you. But what is happening in this country isn’t political, it’s disgusting and heart wrenching. And it’s exhausting. Exhausting mentally, emotionally, physically. As well, it might be a long haul.

There is a great article circulating on Facebook called How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind. I had seen it pass through my feed but didn’t read it until my friend above sent it to me. Maybe you’ve already read it, if not, it’s quite helpful. Hrere’s the link to it.

We already know the Occupier of the Oval Office is a psychological mess and using that to bring chaos. It’s up to each of us individually to be responsible for our own thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions. But we can’t live in a state of hyper alertness 24/7. Our bodies at a cellular level aren’t designed to live that way. It can make you quite sick. Cells need to come back down to a place of homeostasis and rest for rejuvenation. Think about how some nights you are exhausted and go to sleep. On the nights you actually get enough sleep, you are rested and ready to go the next day. When you don’t get enough shut eye, you start the next day with less energy. It’s a simple process. After action, you must rest in order to be ready for more action. That’s just a basic process of life and it can apply to anything. 

So check out the article if you feel so inclined and keep up the good fight. There’s a lot at stake in our country right now and we need to protect all of our citizens, non-citizens, and their rights. If we don’t embrace everyone, we embrace no one. 

As I mentioned to my friend in our email exchange, there are millions of people, millions, that are watching and taking action. And while you are resting, they are on the move, and that while you are on the move taking action, they may be resting. I find comfort in that. They all need the rest just like you. And me. The whole world cannot be on our shoulders.

Take Action Then Rest (Rinse and Repeat)

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~ Susan

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