The End Of Summer


It’s the official end of summer this weekend for US folks as Labor Day brings it to a close. Since summer is my favorite season, I always feel a little sad when it’s over. I’ve noticed I haven’t seen my hummingbirds in almost a week. The robins are busy eating the Oregon grape bush berries in our backyard. Some of the summer perennial flowers are slowly dying and I know they won’t be seeing them re-bloom this year. Our apples are ripe so we’re making apple sauce and apple cider. There’s a nip in the mornings again as I put on a little more clothing to walk our dog. < big sigh>

We’ve all got our favorite seasons. They come to an end every year. It’s ok to be sad about that. It lets me know how much I appreciate what the season brings to me. The incredibly vibrantly colored flowers, the green of the grass and trees, the birds busy with activity fluttering around, the longer light-filled days. I have no idea why those are my preferences but they are. You’ve got your own too. 

Change is always happening. The seasons are a perfect example. Change happens in you all the time as well. Your body cells grow, multiply, do their job, then die off. You have thoughts that come and go all day long. They are always changing. I won’t be sad for too long about summer moving into fall because I’ll be living in that next moment. 

The reason we stay in sadness or fear or anxiety for any length time is that we grab onto those thoughts about whatever is happening in our lives as they float by in our minds. We hold onto them like they were so very important. Like If I think, “I don’t want summer to end” then feel sad long enough and hard enough, summer will stick around a little longer for me. Oh ha! Because I’ve got that much control over the weather. 

If you notice, you think a zillion thoughts all day. About all sorts of things big and small. You don’t actually have to grab on to or hold on to any of them. If you don’t, they’ll just float on by like the clouds. If you’re feeling happier for a little longer than usual, you’re probably holding onto some thought that’s making you feel that way. If you’re feeling crappy for a little longer than usual, you’re doing the same thing. Not on purpose mind you. Your mind just sometimes attaches itself to some thoughts. 

So back to summer ending. It’s a date on the calendar. My hunch is that there will be a lot of days ahead when the weather is warm, the birds are around, and the flowers will still be blooming even though it won’t technically be summer anymore. I’ll feel happy about that because my thoughts will be happy thoughts. And as the weather really does change, my thoughts will change, and so will my feelings. But I won’t stay there forever. I’ll have another zillion thoughts in my day about what’s happening in my life. And so will you. Neither of us has to hold onto any thought we don’t want to. We can let them float by like a cloud with the wind and know our feelings will fluctuate all day long.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.