The Flow and Ebb of Your Life

In general, life is cyclical. It flows. It ebbs. These flows and ebbs can be found in your day, the season, your year.

Do you pay attention to this cycle of yours?


Living from your natural state of being (the flow and ebb of your energy) is hard in this world we live in. But no one else can live your life for you. I absolutely believe you have the power to live at a pace that is natural for you. But you must claim it. You must decide that you can and will live your life in a way that fits who you are. To not do so bucks your own natural system. And your own natural system is not a mistake.

It doesn’t mean that at times life doesn’t get more busy than you’d like it to be. And you may have to put more forth for a while, but you absolutely must pull back, relax, and release when the rush is over.

Think about the tides of the ocean. A tremendous amount of energy goes into pushing the water onto the shore as the tide goes in. And then that energy reverses and the tide goes back out as the water recedes. It must have that balance. You must have that balance. It’s the ebb and flow of life and its energy. If you don’t honor it, honor yourself, you get washed every which way by the water. It’s like they say with a riptide, you cannot fight it. Fighting it wears you out and can kill you. You must flow with it, then when it recedes, you can swim safely back to shore. You cannot fight your own natural way. By doing so you’ll will do nothing but wear yourself out leaving you washed up. And I bet I know how you feel when you feel that depleted.

That’s not a life you have to live.

Are you in an ebb cycle or a flow cycle now? Do you need to use your energy and move forward or rest and retreat, and let yourself fill back up again?

This is a constant back and forth for all of us. Too much of either is unhealthy. I invite you to ebb and flow as naturally as you can. Use your energy as you need to, then allow your energy to build back up as well.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Even the oceans follow that sacred path.

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~ Susan

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