The Midlife Wake Up Call


We all have different points in our lives where we get a wake up call of sorts. Sometimes it’s because of a sudden catastrophic loss like a death in the family, loss of a job, loss of your health, or loss of partner or friend. Sometimes it’s a feeling of something being off in your life or an unease and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Or it might just be clear that something isn’t working anymore and you need to change. That something doesn’t need to change mind you, but YOU do. 

I worked with a client recently who falls into category 3. She is ready for something to shift in her life and she just needed to figure out what it was and which direction to go. 

As I’ve talked about here or a looooong time, I’m a firm believer in the Universe having our backs. It’s always here for us to help us on this journey we call life. The evening after I coached her I came across a blog post from the famous shame and vulnerability researcher, Brene Brown. I read through it and immediately knew it was for my client to read. I sent it to her and she reported back that she cried through the entire article. 

I’m going to share it with you because it’s real, raw, true, and may hit you in a deep way as well. 

It’s called The Midlife Unraveling

You’re Welcome!

Let me know if any of this resonates with you, I’d love to know.

Please share if you know just the perfect person who needs this.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.