The Old and the New You

I want you to think back to a time when the old you would get upset about something, or worry about someone, or get mad at yourself for something you did or didn’t do. Now I want you to think about the new you that doesn’t get as upset about something not happening on your time frame, or worries about what another might think, or gives yourself compassion for that thing you did or didn’t do. As some of my friends/yoga instructors say, breathe in, then let that sh*t go. 

I bring this up today because you’re receiving your newsletter from me a bit late. Yes, it’s still Saturday, the normal day it arrives, but the old me would have been absolutely appalled that you didn’t receive it in the “normal” time slot. I would have stressed internally, fretted about it, my husband would know how much of a loser I thought I was, loads of self-bashing would have ensued. But you see, I’m the new me now. I had a week filled with activities both daytime and nighttime. I had a Birthday in there, a few parties to attend, work for my new website to be done, helping customers at REI, self-care, and sleep.

Something had to give. And your newsletter was it. Not because I didn’t want to get it done on time, because my life time was just filled. Period. End of story. No need to cry, scream, or stress.

And that’s the new me. The one that knows not everything gets done on my time frame, or perfectly. I bet you’ve become wiser over time too. I believe that happens to anyone who lives a conscientious life. A life where they pay attention to their behaviors and patterns, and make adjustments as they are needed. The old you would have done one thing, the new you, can at least sometimes, let that sh*t go.

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~ Susan

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