The Universe has Perfect Timing

Let me just say it, “Not ready”. <sigh>

I’ve worked diligently this week on my new website and newsletter for you. It’s been fun and frustrating. I’ve been learning some new technology, which is super cool when you want to do new things, and challenging when it takes so much longer to really nail it and understand how it works so I can use it when needed. 

I only spent a short time “stressing” about it though. Because I know so well with experience that if I was supposed to be farther along than I was with it I would be. There are only so many hours in a day and I only have so much energy to devote to something before my brain peters out. I know my natural rhythm. I know I need some time between working on things to let things settle so when I return to something I can see it with fresh eyes and energy. 

How about you? Do you push and push and push to get things done, or do you recognize that there is always a greater energy at work in everything you do? There is so much we cannot control and don’t even need to. 

I think that’s the message this week. I’m trying to control how quickly this will all come together because I’m so excited to get it out to you but I’m working on it and it’s still not there yet. How might this applicable for you as well right now?

But it will get there. I’m determined. And I’ve decided I’m not going to give you a date on when that will be. I’ve already been wrong twice so I’ve set the intention to keep working at everything, then when it’s time to share it, I will. Until then, you’ll keep receiving The Nurture Your Life Newsletter every Saturday as you have been.

The universe has perfect timing. I see it all the time. I just have to remember, that perfect timing pertains to me, and you, too.

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~ Susan

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