Want to Change Your Life? Start Really Small

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Changing your life is no easy task. We humans aren’t hardwired for change. Even if you want it, the doing part isn’t really all that easy. Like I mentioned in last weeks post, your brain likes to be efficient so it likes to do the same things it has always done and it conserves energy by taking you along the same path you’ve always taken. Your brain has to work a little harder to create change. And whose keen on the idea of working a little harder?

But if you do want change for your life, I highly recommend only changing one small thing at a time. Why? Because usually when you set out on changing your life, you have big hopes, dreams, and goals about where you think your life could be. Compared to where you are now, that could be one ginormous leap. And once you start that undertaking (or even before you do) the overwhelm of it all could completely keep you from getting out of bed in the morning. That life of traveling and adventure quickly becomes, “Let me just eat this pint of Ben and Jerrys”.

Imagine changing just one small thing. Something that’s really doable without overwhelm. Then your chances of actually succeeding in small increments and continuing are much greater. I call them ladybug steps. They are so teeny weeny, you could almost do them in your sleep.

So think of a change/goal/desire you have for your life. 

Save money.

Go on a trip.

Lose weight.


Choose your desire.

What’s one really tiny step you could take towards that desire that feels so easy it’s not a big deal at all?

Now go do it. It should be that easy or you’ve chosen something too hard or  too big.

The next day maybe you need to take that same step again, or the next super easy tiny step. Then do that.

This is how books get written, weight gets lost, trips get taken, fulfilling lives get lived.

They all start with one tiny step consistently taken.

And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but those ladybugs sure can move fast when they’re going somewhere, one teeny step at a time. :)

Please share if you know just the perfect person who needs this.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.