What Do You Need?

Our world can be very busy. Your life may be very busy. And do you know what gets lost in very busy? You. 

In order to create something you want in your life you must put you at the top of your list. Not after friends. Not after significant others. Not after kids. Not after work commitments. Not after the house gets cleaned. Not after the bills get paid. 



I’m not talking every second of every day. I’m talking, what do you need this week that would make you breathe a sigh of relief? Keep you sane to continue with the day-to-day stuff? Help you feel more relaxed and peaceful for a little while?

Here are some ideas:

~ Take a short nap one day to replenish

~ Or go to bed 1 hour earlier one night to get more rest

~ Say no to that thing on your schedule that puts you over the edge or you aren’t even excited         about

~ Get a massage

~ Go sit in nature for an hour with no agenda

~ Watch an indulgent show or movie with just you and enjoy every second

~ Spend and hour in a coffee shop drinking your favorite beverage with a great book

~ Walk through a plant store or greenhouse and soak spring in

~ Say yes to something that lights you up

~ Call a friend you really want to catch up with

Life can be busy but it doesn’t have to be 24/7. Believe it or not you have more control over your time than you think. And others can actually take care of themselves for a while without you.

I want you to think of one thing you need in your life right now that feels important to you. It can be super small, on the list above, or something else.

Put it on your calendar this next week. And just do it. No story. No excuses. If that feels great, do it again, or something else you need the following week.  Just do it. No story. No excuses. 

This is how you get what you want and need in your life if it’s too busy. You schedule it just like everything else. You decide it’s just as important as everything else. And it is. You are. 

When you put your needs on the top of your list on a regular basis I can’t guarantee the moon but I can absolutely guarantee your life will feel better. 

It’s a marathon this life of yours. There will always be something left undone, or something that pulls at your attention. What if you pulled at your attention and you answered that call on a regular basis? 

Wonder what it would feel like to not get your needs met? How do you feel right now? That’s what it feels like.

Just do it. 

No story.

No excuses.

What was on your needs list? I’d love to know.

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~ Susan


Image by Pixabay, with permission.