What's True for You? (Part 1/4)

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If this is the year you are ready to acknowledge and follow your true desires, then this is the year that I am ready to help you move forward on that path. I see so many women saying,“I’m done hiding," “I’m done feeling stuck," “I’m done feeling afraid of disappointing others,” “I’m done being afraid of making the wrong decisions”. “I’m done not living a life that feeds my soul”. 

Do you say any of these things to yourself? I still do this sometimes too. We are all a work in progress.

But how the heck do you get on the true path for you?

The great news is it’s actually a pretty simple 4-step process and I’m going to help you with it. 

You Find it. 

You Feel it.

You Follow it.

You Repeat

Today we’ll start with Finding it.

When I say Finding your truth, what does that mean?

What’s true for you can be anything as big as, for example, you follow a religion and follow its tenets verbatim, to as small as you do not feel and operate at your best unless you get 9 hours of sleep per night. As well as anything (and everything) in-between. 

Your truth is never painful. Truths are longing, desires, ways of being, ways of living that when you think about them or visualize them, you feel good, you feel alive, you feel a YES! 

Sometimes we just get little glimpses of our truths. Like you notice another person’s life and you’re jealous or envious of what they do or have. There’s probably something about them or their life that you’d like to have. Notice that because THAT is a truth for you. 

Maybe you daydream occasionally about a trip you’d like to take or a hobby you’d like to take up or start. Notice THAT because in there is something that is true for you.

Did you get the cold or flu that was going around? Even that is a truth in the moment. A need to slow down and rest for a while. 

Some people dread going to their jobs. Within that dread is a truth. Either you’ve got to shift something within yourself around that job, or you’ve got to make another plan and leave. 

When you’re really good at something AND you love doing it but you don’t know why. Sure, maybe you got some training to get better, but whatever it is, it’s pretty effortless for you. Another key is that other people say things like, “you’re so good at that, I could never do that”. And they’re right, they can’t. Like my husband with math and the use of his hands to build things. Just the idea of all those numbers in my head and trying to figure out how to build stuff makes we want to poke my eyes out with a fork. NOT my truth. But for him, bliss.

See, what’s true for you is all around you. A house with open blinds, or closed blinds. You’re a “I need a pet person," or “No, I don’t think so”. A “If I don’t travel I’m not alive” person, or “I love to stay at home”. A “I want to have many children person” or “I want to be childless”. 

Your truths can show up as fun sounding ideas, curiosities, also what you don’t want, that is truth for you too. Be a scientist of your own life. But make it playful and relaxed.

Truths can change and evolve at anytime too. What was true 10 years ago may not be true for you now. And what is deeply right for you now may not be in another 10 years. 

Your truths are your own personal guiding light. Your truths are yours. Others don’t have to like them. They don’t have to agree. But you can’t live their life and they can’t live yours. That’s why it’s best to live your truth and let them live theirs. Sure you’ll butt heads occasionally because it’s inevitable that two people’s truths will collide and affect the other. That’s when you have a thoughtful discussion about it.

What happens when you follow your truth?

You create new definitions of yourself.

You make choices from your inner voice. 

You have more joy.

You feel in charge of your life.

You feel confident.

You feel free.

And those are just a few amazing things that happen when you really find your true direction.

So, this next week, start noticing what’s true for you now? Where in your life are you following what you already know on a deep level? What’s missing that if you had it, would feel like you won the lottery?

You don’t have to even do anything with this information now, just be with it. Really let it all sink in.

Next week we’ll talk about Feeling your truth.

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~ Susan

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