Whats True for You (Part 3/4)

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This week we’re chatting about Following Your Truth. If you missed it, here’s  part 1 on Finding It, and part 2 on Feeling It.

You’ve started by Finding Your Truth. Thinking about what you want that you don’t have, and thinking about what you want that gives you that sense of “YES”.

Then you’ve gotten into feeling that truth. Those feelings are words in the mind and physical vibrations you experience in your body.

Now it’s on to following your truth. This is where you choose one desire for your life and you map out how you want to accomplish it. What is a small step you can take consistently, (and consistently is key) on a weekly basis to work towards this goal of yours? 

It doesn’t have to be big. I highly suggest it that it shouldn’t be. It should be something small this is easily accomplishable. If it feels like you have to move the world to make it happen, then it is way too big and you’ll get overwhelmed and you won’t do it. Maybe it’s a phone call to someone. Schedule it on your calendar and do it. Maybe it’s a walk outside. Schedule it and do it. Whatever it is, schedule it and just do it. 

Scheduling something on your calendar is a bit like making a commitment and sticking to it. You have to decide that what you want is important enough to make it a priority. If you aren’t wiling to do it then it’s not that important to you. 

Because we make time for what’s most important. How do I know that?

Think about what you do on a day to day basis. Why do you do it? Does it make you feel good? Bring in money to support you or your family? Help other people? You wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a priority in some way.

Ok, now think about something you want to do you but aren’t doing. Why aren’t you doing it? This is the question to look at because it could be it’s not really that important to you.

Let me explain it this way. People who are addicted to drugs will do anything, beg, borrow, steal, anything, to get drugs. It is that important to them. You are no different they are in the sense of making time for what’s important to you. If something you thought you wanted turns out to be not as important as you thought, so what? No biggie, move on.

Alrighty. That’s it for this week.

Choose one desire to follow. 

Make a plan with easy, small steps to works towards it.

Schedule it on your calendar.

Do it!

And if there’s something you want and you aren’t willing to make it a priority, think about why that might be. At least find out why something is or isn’t important to you.

Next week, we’ll talk about the last step.

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~ Susan

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