When Only Quiet Will Do

We live in a noisy world. There will always be something to grab your attention. Often, what needs our attention most is our own inner voice. And really, that’s the only one we should be listening to.

I mentioned last week that I had an opportunity to go to Costa Rica for a beach-filled, humidity-filled, I wasn’t completely sure what-filled week. 

No tv, news, or anything “usual” to distract me. Just pure mother nature in all her finest. 

I sat, I breathed, I meditated.

I did yoga in the open air Shalas at the breathtaking yoga center every day.

I journaled. I took long walks on the beach. 

I listened to sounds of the jungle, the howling monkeys, the birds, the ocean surf. 

I was there to be warm and to be quiet.

To listen to my inner voice and what she had to say. Sometimes she spoke while I was writing in my journal, sometimes she spoke when the hummingbirds were feeding. Sometimes I heard her when I was in a long-held yoga pose during a thunderstorm when the wind whipped the leafy trees and lightening was followed by rolling boulders of thunder. Sometimes she arrived strolling on the beach.

I am convinced more than ever, that quiet is the way in. 

Those I know whose make sure part of their daily lives are filled with quiet are the ones that I sense are more grounded, peaceful, and content. 

It is only in the quiet spaces we can hear what needs to be heard, whatever that message is. 

We do this for children, give them nap or quiet time every day. It shouldn’t be just for them. As adults, we need it just as much now as we did back then. 

Do you have quiet time scheduled in your life? If not, please don’t deprive yourself of that gift. It’s the quiet time that allows the space for your inner voice to be heard. And that is where so many answers to your life’s questions can be found.

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~ Susan