When The World Feels Askew, There's Only One Thing To Do


Things are tense right now. Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. Politics. Fires across the NW. Fires in BC. Floods, famine, and war in other parts of the world. It’s a lot people. A whole freaking lot.

Most of the time I can cope with it all. And then some days it just feels overwhelming, heavy,  and truly sad. I can’t live in that space for long. I can get sucked in by it and feel hopeless. That helps no one.

That’s why it is vital that not only during times like this, (but even during normal times too) you do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself in ways that bring you peace, love, relaxation, joy, inspiration… whatever it is you need to feel in order to keep your life moving forward in a healthy way. 

Maybe it’s calling a friend. Reading a book. Taking a walk outside. Getting a massage. Cooking. Working out. Re-organizing a closet. Volunteering to help someone out. Sending someone some uplifting words as they go through a hard time. If it makes you sigh with some relief that there is goodness all around you then do it. Not just for others, but for you. 

I for one, am off to get a massage. I get to support a local massage therapist and myself as well. 

Part of living life and being and doing for others is taking care of you. It’s all connected. I know you know that. Things are hard right now. I’m not going to lie. We each have our own lives to live. No one is going to schedule Take-Care-Of-You-Time on your calendar for you. You can. You should. You must. 

A You that feels better radiates better feeling energy to everyone around. And that in and of itself is of benefit to your family, friends, co-workers, city, country, and our world. When you deny yourself, you deny the rest of us. We’re all connected. 

When the world feels askew, there’s only one thing to do. Make sure to take care of you.

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~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.