When You Need Inspiration


Some days you just wake up uninspired. Even when you have your day planned, even when it has fun things in it, sometimes you’re just not feeling it. Maybe you didn’t get quite enough sleep. Maybe you had one too many glasses of wine last night. Maybe, ____________. Fill in the blank.

You do, however, want to feel better than you do. This is when it’s always good to have a plan B in your back pocket. This is your Go To when you’re needing some extra kick. 

It’s Inspiration.

There are SO many simple ways you can do this. 

  1. Think of a favorite friend cheering you on.
  2. Imagine someone you don’t know (who you really admire) cheering you on.
  3. Open up a favorite book with awesome quotes and read one.
  4. Maybe you know someone on social media who offers inspirational words or images. Go check them out.
  5. Meditate for 5 minutes.
  6. Pray for a few minutes.
  7. Journal for a bit.
  8. Say 3 things you are grateful for in your life, out loud, or in your head.
  9. Call or text someone to say hello.
  10. Look outside for a few minutes and enjoy whatever nature you see.
  11. Come up with your own.

It’s not that hard. It doesn’t take very long. It doesn’t require caffeine, sugar, or money. 

You can this.

Get Inspired.

Inspire Yourself.

Inspire Others.

Welcome Spring to all of you who live in the US.

Please share if you know just the perfect person who needs this.

~ Susan

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Image by Pixabay, with permission.