Why You Need Lack in Your Life

You may not relate to the example I’m about to give you but I bet you will be able to relate to having lack in one area or another of your life at some point.

We have had a “not quite so normal” winter here in Bend, OR. Like an every 25-years kind of abnormal winter. Our usual blue skies were replaced with colder, snowier, icier, and grayer days for the past few months. While we usually have snow that sticks on the ground for maybe a couple of weeks, then melts before the next snow comes, we’ve had snow on the ground from the beginning of December that has still not melted. 

If you are a natural lover of the sun and its Vitamin D giving properties,  like me, then you know how hard it is to deal with the lack of it. I’m not going to sugar coat it or give you a great coaching tool to help with it. Nope, not today.

I’m going to tell you why lack IS so helpful.

It has been the lack of sun and warmth that has made it’s coming backa major magical experience. I do believe that lack inspires appreciation. When you lack the sun, you are smitten when it arrives again. When you lack your health, you absolutely treasure it when it comes back. When you lack money, you adore it when your account is more full.

I do realize that real lack can truly be a reality for some and I also realize that it can also be just a state of mind. This is not the focus of this post.

Today, after having so much lack in the way of blue skies, sunshine, and warmth, it came back. I’m actually sitting on my back deck in the sun typing this to you because it IS back. It has been almost 4 months since I’ve been able to sit outside in anything less than 3 layers of clothing. My appreciation and gratitude are overflowing.

We need some lack in our lives. We need to be reminded how great certain things can be. And not having things be as we’d like all the time gives us the view from the other side so we can appreciate our lives even more when we do have what we want.

Lack is not the enemy. It’s the reminder of what we enjoy and value so much.

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~ Susan


Image by Pixabay, with permission.