Why You Need Nature More Than Ever

Some days I wake up more contemplative than others. I never know why but I now recognize that my soul is just speaking to me and I need to listen.

I’ll share this because I bet I’m not alone in this feeling You might also have it too. Those of us inclined to turn to nature when we need to find some peace,  feel grounded, or to reconnect with ourselves or something bigger, need it now more than ever. Turning on the news for even 5 minuteswill show you that. 

It’s a little chilly at my house to sit outside this morning as I type this, but I am looking out my window at the Ponderosa Pine trees in my yard. Solid, strong, filled with life, even if it doesn’t look like it on the outside. They are part of the reason I have oxygen to breathe. They live off my out breath, I on theirs. The circle of life is right there in front of me. Without their oxygen I would not survive. Without my carbon dioxide, they would not survive. They are here for a reason. I and you, are here for a reason.

This is basic inter-connectedness. I think this is one of the reasons that nature feels so good. That even when we are alone in nature, we are not really alone. You cannot truly be in nature without recognizing you are dependent on each other. It supports you, always.

Coming home is the greatest sense I get when I really immerse myself in a natural setting. I know that my natural state is one of peace and groundedness. My mind is still, my heart feels content, and all is well. 

From this state I find that I am able to make thoughtful decisions for my life that do not come from a place of fear. And more than ever, I think we need to be making decisions for our lives from a place of peace. Fear breeds fear. Peace breeds peace.

If you’re feeling frazzled and stressed, go sit somewhere in nature for a while, take a walk, or look at it through your window. Let your mind babble on for a while because it will, then allow yourself to just be in it. Notice what you see, hear, and feel. Let it speak to you. It has messages. But you must be willing to listen. 

So many of us say we don’t have time. But you do. You make it. Yes, something else may need to go by the wayside for a bit. Everything you do is a choice. If you value nature enough and it is really important to you, you will choose to be in it. The more you make that choice, the more you will find that you need to continually make that choice. Your life needs space to breathe. I know a tree that can help you with that.

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~ Susan

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