Here's How You You Know What's Important

We live in a world where we are constantly being told what’s important. Or what should be important to us. 

What to eat.

How much to exercise.

What color goes with what.

What supplements to take.

Working more.

Working less.

Spend money on A.

Don’t spend money on B.

How much sun you can get before it’s dangerous.

How much insurance you need for certain things.

This is a never ending list.

And I think often when we make these choices, we use our minds. Our minds are fantastic but logic cannot be the only way we decide what’s important for us.

Those really important decisions need to be made from your heart and soul.

What does that feel like when you make a decision from that place?

So many of my clients use similar words over and over again.










All of these words are emotions that can be felt physically. That is why I talk about your body being a true compass for your life. When you think about what’s important to you and the words above come up the body often feels a specific way when your are choosing something that is really, honestly true for you.

My clients always say the same things. My chest feels lighter. I’m not carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I don’t feel so heavy. There is more space. And you might just cry. They are Tears of Truth. They just come. That’s how you know. 

And this is not something any of us learned in school (I’m pretty sure). I wish we had. But you can learn this now.

If something is important to you and right for your life you will feel it physically. You will know it. It will not weigh you down, it will not make you tired, it will not feel like a drag.

It might feel challenging and hard but it will also create space. It will give you a sense of possibility, it will make you sigh with relief.

So think about what IS important to you and check in with your body. Your soul will talk to you through it. 

And here’s what I suggest. If you get a “meh” response or heavy response, or tight response from your body, it’s probably not right for your life. 

Only keep what feels right for you. If you do that, you will start to let go of what isn’t important more easily.

And don’t you only want to hang on to what’s important to you anyway?

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~ Susan