Your Permission Slip

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This time of year can be extraordinarily busy and filled for many people. Like overwhelmingly so. There’s a push and pull between both the expectation to be part of all the merriment with invitations by others to you and expectations of what you want to give and do for others during the holiday season. This is on top of your normal, possibly hectic schedule, and let’s top it off with less daylight to keep us motivated.

I was reminded very recently by a wise human soul that I needed to give myself permission to let go of some of this overwhelm. I am normally quite good at not piling too much on my metaphorical and literal plate, but everyone now and then I overdo it.

Thinking about all I thought I wanted and needed to get accomplished sent my mind and body into a frenzy of discomfort. Just an ick kind of feeling, a heaviness in my chest, and the desire to shut down. 

This “giving myself permission” was as simple as then deciding that there were one or two things on that list that I could let go of for now. Maybe not forever, but for today. And do you know what feeling came over me? Relief. 

Relief that if it didn’t get done today, no one would die, the world wouldn’t stop spinning, the dog would still get fed, and I had one less thing to stress me out. 

So here’s your permission slip from me (and I want you to give one to yourself). You have permission to not do it all, be everything for everyone, and drop at least one damn thing from your to-do list today, or this week. Whatever gives you the feeling of relief. Because that’s what we need this time of year. That deep breath, big sigh, expanded chest, feeling of relief. 

Let me know what one to-do you are dropping. Then thank yourself. Because being less stressed on your end means you are bringing better energy into your life, not only on your end, but that energy ripples out to your friends, family, and the rest of the world.

Please share if you know just the perfect person who would love this.

~ Susan

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