Your True Life is Within You

This is a picture of me at the ripe old age of 6 (almost 7). For Halloween that year I was a “gypsy”. For some reason, when I think back to all of the Halloween costumes I wore over the years, this one is ingrained in my memory as my favorite.

I searched for and found this photo the other day after one of my coaching mentors talked about how she didn’t really know what she wanted to be when she grew up. I remember being asked that time and time again when I was younger, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I never had an answer because I honestly didn’t know, or even have an inkling. That troubled me for a long time.

I spent some time pondering this because I’ve heard that often we do know when we are younger what we want. We have that internal compass (that we still have now) but back then it wasn’t all gunked up with various ideas of what our family, culture, or society thought we should do. 

So it actually makes complete sense to me now why this photo of me with all the beads and my crystal ball (Styrofoam covered in aluminum foil and covered with those little stars you got from the Five and Dime) was my favorite and actually was a prelude to my life.

In some way, I have always been a gypsy. Maybe not the wandering around in a tribe of people telling fortunes kind of gypsy, but the kind of gypsy who has followed her heart. I’m a gypsy who decided to change jobs/careers just because I felt the need to move on and do something different. I moved to different places in the country because it was just time for the change. I married one man then discovered it wasn’t meant to last our lifetime. So I divorced and found another that I think will make it with through the long haul.

This one little photo, this one moment in time, basically showed me my life pathway. Those memories about certain moments and periods that stand out are huge signposts for your life. 

One of my best friends told me the one thing she has always admired about me is that I am true to myself. And that is one of the highest compliments I have ever received. And she’s right. I’ve gotten off my path a time or two, but I always come back.I was always meant to meander around, changing things up in my life as my heart and soul directed me. I am a gypsy. That is my True Life. In my own perfect way.

I share this story because, well, first, my intuition told me too. And second because, it all makes perfect sense that I am a Life Coach (a profession that didn’t exist back when I was 6, so I couldn’t have known about anyway), who works with women and men who have lost track of that person. The person that was probably true to themselves when they were younger, but aren’t anymore.

It’s not like the life you are living right now is fake. No no. When I say True Life, I mean a life where you feel comfortable in your own skin, you have meaning, a sense of fulfillment. Every day may not be eye popping amazing, but you have a sense of peace and contentment. You feel in flow, like your life is how it should be because it just overall feels good and you know this because it’s true. 

I’m meant to be true to me and you are meant to be true to you. If you live your life from that place, you will feel content indeed. If you are struggling with that, I can help. I’m always only an email away.

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~ Susan

your true life (know it, feel it, live it)