Your Truth and Nothing But Your Truth

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Ok! 2018 is here and rolling. And it’s time to be truthful. This may be a bit longer post than usual but I think it’s necessary to start off this brand spanking new year.

Let’s get truthful about my life and truthful about your life.

No worries about me sharing all the squishy details of my life but it’s good to share specific aspects because I’m betting you will relate.

I’ll start with me and I want you to notice where anything resonates with you. Because as human beings, even if our experiences aren’t exactly the same, our thoughts and feelings we have about our lives are usually universal. We’ve all experienced joy, fear, sadness, anger, etc…

In my lifetime,  I’ve made many decisions about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do.  I chose to marry, to not have children, to have dogs, to live in various states, to be a Physical Therapist, to leave Physical Therapy as a profession, to become a Counselor, to leave Counseling as a profession, and to become a Life Coach. The training I went through happened to be through the Martha Beck program. Both her intuitive, and practical way of coaching others resonated with me on a deep level. At the base of how she views life coaching is that each and every single one of us (at our very core) knows what feels most truthful and right for us. And life coaching is all about listening to that part of ourselves, leaning into that part of ourselves, and following that part of ourselves. Because when we do that, we as human beings are able to live a life that feels most meaningful and fulfilling to us. And depending upon what your definition of a well-lived life is, I can almost bet that if it doesn’t feel meaningful to you (even when it’s sometimes hard), then what’s the point?? 

What I do know is that both you, and I, are just two individuals here at this time. We have THIS life at this moment. You can make that as majestic or as small as you want. But it’s your life to live. 

And many years ago I realized I wasn’t living my life based on what I really wanted, my deepest core truth. No one taught me that I had one to listen to and follow. I had dreams and goals, but honestly, they were based at least partly on what others thought I should be doing or should want. And also what I thought the world expected of me. That was ingrained in me for a looooooong time. It still shows up for me now, although not as much.

What would happen if I really listened to, then followed my heart and soul? Left my marriage? Left my financially stable career?  

Some people thought I was nuts. Some were supportive. I also got some harsh backlash from others. It was hard. It was stressful. It was painful. And in the end it didn’t matter. Why? Because the path of my own truth is the only one that would lead to the life that felt right to me. That’s what help from an amazing counselor and Life Coach training helped me to see. 

Fast forward about 5 years and I’ve been sending out newsletters and coaching fantastic people, I live in a kick-ass community, I have really amazing friends, a loving husband, a great part-time job. And something is still missing for me. A real sustainable coaching business helping others find and follow what’s true for them. 

Yes I write to you a lot. I love writing. I absolutely love it when people email and tell me my writing has helped them. And I have coaching clients, here and there. I love working with people to help them follow their truth. They may know what it is and are stuck moving forward. Or they have no idea and want to learn how. I will be brazenly honest here. I am damn good at coaching. My clients tell me, and other seasoned coaches tell me I am spot on with helping others get to their core desires, show them what’s keeping them stuck, then coming up with a way to move forward towards their desires. I know it. I feel it. I love it. It’s my calling (if you will). It comes naturally and easy to me. I don’t know why. It just does. I can’t deny it.

I’ve been in my own personal rut for a few years. Not really claiming my coaching gifts. Not helping people the way I know I can. And must. I know it’s only me stopping myself from living this part of my truth. 

I simply cannot let another year go by without actively sharing this gift of mine on a much more regular basis.  

So, do you see yourself anywhere in my story? Maybe doing some of what your heart and soul inspires you to do but not all of it? 

Here’s an exercise to help you. Grab a pen and paper. Set a timer for 30- minutes, or whatever feels good. Go outside into Mother Nature if it’s warm enough, if not, at least go somewhere quiet. Take a few long, slow deep breaths to get centered. Then think about your life. What do you do (or have) that feels exactly like what you want on a deep level? Write that down. 

What is missing that you would you like to do (or have) that comes from the  deepest part of yourself? Write that down. 

The way you know that whatever you wrote down is coming from your heart and soul is because the first thing that happens when you think about doing it or having it is a feeling of satisfaction, joy, excitement, peace, contentment, or a close sister to one of these feelings. This is all before your brain jumps in to tell you why that isn’t possible or reasonable or dumb. Heart and soul truths do not come from your brain. Your brain can help you make those dreams a reality but that’s now where they start from. 

Maybe in this exercise you learned something you want to move towards  this year. Maybe you were reminded, yet again, of a longing that’s followed you for eons.

Either way, your truth wants to be lived. I know it.

So get cracking. You can do this. 

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~ Susan

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