And A New Year has Arrived

The week between Christmas and the new year I often ponder what has taken place in my life over the past 12 months. I’m always grateful because I can see the growth I’ve made in certain areas. And I also notice the growth I haven’t made. Ouch! It’s so easy to harp on those areas that still need work. At least from the perspective of my own little ego-oriented mind. I could easily mentally trash myself for all of this but I’m not going to. Honestly, sometimes being hard on myself gets really old. Do you know that feeling too?

I also am not going to go all PollyAnna either. Yes, there is good to see in everything (even the shitty things that happen) but it’s okay if I don’t want to see the sparkling bright shiny rainbow all the time. Because sometimes I’d rather poke my eye out than see it.

I’ve been reading Sarah Bran Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. I adore what she says about New Year’s aspirations (if you have them). “Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t achieved them. It’s the reaching for them that’s important.” Ohhhhh-do I love that. Just the fact that I reached and stretched and tried to work towards my goals or intentions is enough.

Fresh beginnings and starts are essential for us as humans. Although we can do it at any time we choose, January of a new year can be a lovely way to just begin reaching toward your goals, aspirations, or intentions. This year though, I’ve decided to approach the whole goal-setting thing from a different angle. My gauge for whether I’m growing and moving in the direction I’d like is if what I’m doing has deep meaning for me. Basically, what am I doing to nurture my life? If I gauge progress in my life by what feels fulfilling, important, meaningful, and nurturing, then I will know I’m on the right track.

Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

So what’s on tap in the nurturing department?

1-I'm going to write more. I’m actually starting my very-first-ever writing class next week. I’ve been thinking of writing a book. What the heck it will be about I have no clue but that’s okay. I’ll let life inform me as I go as to what that might be and when. I’m also going back to writing this newsletter weekly. I had done that for almost three years previously and really needed a break (which I took). Now I’m ready to commit to that again because I think it will help me become a better writer. Well, I hope so. ;)

2-I'm also pursuing a slowly evolving interest in working with animals. It started a few months ago and came out of nowhere. I found an equine outreach farm that takes in neglected, abused, and abandoned horses. These amazing creatures that are rescued get to live their lives being comforted, loved, and re-homed if the right place is found. I volunteer there once a week. And In the spring I’m taking a series of equine facilitated learning classes to help me better communicate with myself, with others, and the world. Horses are spiritual beings and are the perfect mirror to show you how you show up in your life, and to the world, both energetically and emotionally.

3-I'm deepening my spirituality practice as well. I’ve always felt connected to the universe in fascinating ways (we all are) but I sense and know that that connection must deepen for me to grow even more.

What do I know to be true right now?

To continually evolve and grow as a person I need to nurture my life force. To move towards what feels meaningful for me. If a direction calls to me it needs to be pursued out of curiosity to see where it leads. Those interests are there to show me something. To take me to the next step. To help me in some way. I can’t live someone else’s life, only mine, so I might as well follow what has meaning and feels nurturing. Even if just for the pursuit itself, regardless of the outcome.

How are you going to nurture your life in 2016?

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~ Susan

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