Are you Woo-Woo?

I know that asking you if you’re woo-woo may be a little bit of a strange question. Most people who know me think I’m pretty practical. And I am. But I am also quite woo-woo too. But what is woo-woo really? Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

Well, if you look it up online, most of the dictionaries will give you something like this:

woo-woo   [‘wu:,wu:]: -adjective

derogatory, slang based on or involving irrational superstition

Basically, you believe in something that is crap.

What’s fascinating is that woo-woo is just another term for spirituality. It’s something you can’t touch, taste, see, or hear. It’s irrational to the intellectual mind. It can’t wrap itself around it. Back in the day, you would be burned at the stake for talking about anything in the spiritual realm. It scared the bejeebees out of the powers that be. So they reacted from a place of fear. If you can’t see it, touch it, smell it, or taste it, it might hurt you. You must be very afraid.

But we’ve come a loooooong way since those days. Look at all of the spiritual sages of our time who are sharing amazing ideas as well as scientific evidence of exactly what they are talking about. Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Abraham, Byron Katie, Martha Beck, Mike Dooley, Pema Chodren, and so many more.

We’re talking about God here, the divine, the universe, consciousness, the force, you pick the term that feels right for you.

Good golly I think I’ve been on this spiritual woo-woo path almost my entire life. Being in church and following a specific religion just never felt right to me. I know it feels right to others and that is perfectly fine. You have to follow your own path and know what feels true for you.

So why do I even bring this up?

Because I’ve been meeting quite a few people recently who have been interested in woo-woo and spirituality. They are curious and asking questions. From my end, it is SO fun. With both friends and clients I can talk about how we are all connected and all one. That there is no separation from me and the bird at my birdfeeder, or the neighbor across the street, or the fisherman who lives in a village in Asia, or from God. We are all part of the vastness called life, connected to it, and intertwined. When you live your life from that place and space versus your thinking mind, your entire life opens up in the most amazing way.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting on my deck taking in the trees and just know I need to call someone. And in calling them I find out they needed my help with something, just at that moment. There is no way my brain can honestly come up with just knowing that. There has to be another force that inspires that thought. This is not a coincidence. It’s often not rational. It won’t make sense to your intellectual mind. You can’t really explain it to anyone else either. But it’s okay because in your heart it feels right.

How do you know if you’re on the spiritual path or woo-woo? Even a little? Because you recognize that certain belief systems you’ve had in place don’t feel right to you anymore, maybe even stifling. You might be more interested in exploring and experiencing divine consciousness without all the rules.

So I’m definitely about as practical as they come. And I’m woo-woo too. Do I believe in unforeseen forces? Absolutely. Honestly, those forces are so full of love and peace and feel so true, I’ve got all the proof I need that woo-woo isn’t crap or superstitious, for my life, my friend’s lives, as well as for my clients.

When I let the woo-woo part of me lead the practical, things in my life sail pretty darn smoothly. It’s magic really.

There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I can promise you, if you’re on the woo-woo spiritual path, and are open to what can be revealed for your life, you will be so amazed, blown away, and grateful. Your heart will be so very full. And what more can you ask for in life?

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