Finding Gratitude

Gratitude is always a choice you make. Day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute. Second by second. Here is what I am grateful for today. I’ll start with the incredibly soft and comfortable bed I woke up in. For the sun that is shining outside my window. For the fun job I have working with great people, and serving awesome customers. For the husband who is always so kind and caring. For my healthy body that speaks to me and lets me know what it needs to function at its best. For the birds at my bird feeder so happy to be enjoying the free food. For the time I have to sit at the beautiful table my husband created, looking out on the sturdy Ponderosa Pine trees. For the time to sit here and write this for you. And that’s all in just the first couple of hours of my day. Wow- I have got it goin’ on!

Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend OR

I’m a pretty practical person by nature, and can get bogged down in the details of life, but I’m also really good at looking at the bigger picture too. That bigger picture shows me all is well in my world not only because of the choices I’ve made but because of the energy I put out into the world on a daily basis. When my emotional being is filled with negativity (always because of whatever negative I’m thinking), I get ick back from the world in the form of other people’s energy and experiences that aren’t so great. When my emotional being is filled with more thoughts that feel better, I get amazing experiences and happy energy from other people coming my way.

It’s one of the universal laws of energy. The Law of Attraction. Whatever energy you vibrate out, you’re going to get that same energy vibrating back in. There is no other possibility.

When I focus on what is going well in my life and hold the expectation of things continuing to go well AND get better, my days are seamless days filled with contentment. This has been a practice for me, and it continues to grow.

Could you spend the next seven days slowing down and taking the time to really appreciate and be grateful for what is going well and right in your life? I can’t promise bliss forever, but I can promise a little contentment in the moment.

And what is life, but a string, of little moments.

Have a gratitude-filled week!

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~ Susan

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