Some sad updates. Do you remember the friend I spoke about a few weeks ago, Laurie Foley, who had entered hospice? She transitioned to the next world March 4th. Then Custard, one of the horses I spoke about in my last newsletter who had been rescued, had to be put to sleep as well.

And then, a close friend of mine lost a beloved family member too.

All of this news within a 4 day period. Ouch.

I’ve felt heavy for a few days. Physically and energetically heavy. I’m allowing myself to feel that energy, let it sit as it needs to, knowing it will pass through.

Today I want to talk about serenity.

When you hear that word, what does it mean to you?

In Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance she says women can find serenity if they stop behaving as if they were whirling dervishes. The constant multi-tasking of for example, beginning to brush your teeth only to leave the bathroom to start making your bed before the teeth brushing is over, then to notice that something else in the next room needs straightening up, yet you still have your toothbrush in your mouth trying to finish making the bed, and mentally already moving onto the next thing before you’ve even finished the first and second. Sound familiar?  Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

How do you combat that insanity? By doing only one thing at a time. Not possible to get everything done you say. Au contraire. It is. There is a ton of research out there supporting this very thing. When you truly only work on one task at a time, your energy is focused and present. When you are focused and present you are actually able to work more efficiently and with greater ease.

I know your mind might be saying no way. That’s what our minds do. They say it can’t be done if that’s the only way it’s ever been done. I invite you to challenge your mind. Try it for a week. Do one thing at a time and find out how it works for you. Does it make things harder or easier? More simple or cluttered? More pleasurable or painful?

For me serenity means that no matter what is going on outside of me, I am calm and peaceful on the inside. We all have that place, that space, deep within where we are still. That is who we are at our core. Stillness. In that place of stillness is where our best lives come from, our best selves, our best work.

It also means honoring my personal energy. Only putting on my plate what truly feels good for me to do and deciding how much I put on that plate in any given day. And do you know what I found to be interesting? If there’s ever any push back it comes from me. My next door neighbor doesn’t care how much I do. My husband doesn’t care. My dog doesn’t care either. It’s only my mind that fights me (on occasion) about it. But my body will always tell me loud and clear when I’ve done too much. It gets very tired. And until I give it rest it doesn’t respond well to further instruction.

So if this is something you struggle with, how you can bring more serenity into your life? What needs to shift in order to make that happen?

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~ Susan

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