Why I Write

I’m taking a Stream of Consciousness writing class. We show up, start with a short silent meditation, then our instructor gives us a writing prompt of a few words and we all sit and write furiously for 10 minutes. Pen to paper. Never stopping. Not worrying about structure or grammar. We just write. And I love it. My brain takes me on such a fun ride. I never know what it’s going to pop out next, but I just write it down and sit amazed at what shows up.

Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

This got me to pondering, why do I blog? Why do I sit down every week, come up with a topic and spend the time to write it, edit it, and send it out to the world? What is it I’m hoping to accomplish? What it is I want to share? What do I get out of it? Why am I really doing it?

Part of the reason is because I really love to read other’s blogs and newsletters. I’m a lifelong learner and a meaning maker. I so enjoy delving into a good piece of writing that helps me make sense of my own world. Especially if that piece give me a new and fresh look at a topic I either know well or don’t know much about. As much as they say it’s all been said before or all been done before, that doesn’t mean I’ve heard it or seen it. It may be new to me.

Like just the other day someone told me about a website that I didn’t even know existed. How cool that other people have known about something for a few years, or forever, but I had zero clue about it. That’s exciting to me.

I write to learn. To understand. To make meaning of my own life. Often I share it because it’s just fun. It’s important that we connect with each other and share common themes, struggles, problems, and the good stuff in life. It’s that shared meaning where we connect and feel like we are uplifting and inspiring to others as well as being inspired by others. It’s truly a community where we’re there for each other.

Maybe the bottom line to why I write is that I’m drawn to doing it. It gives me something I can’t put into words or even put my finger on. It’s kind of a mystery really. I like that. I like that not everything in life can be figured out. Maybe it’s just me creating something that no one else can create in the exact same way but me. And isn’t that enough reason to do anything?

What do you do just because?

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~ Susan

Get Outside and Nurture Your Life

All Peace Starts with You

There is so much negativity, tragedy, and death in our world today. Paris is just the most recent example. And so many opinions about the cause of it all and what to do about it. I can tell you, I have no answers for those really hard questions. But I do know what I can do on my end to be a part of a shift in the world. “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ~ The Dalai Lama

Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

The world is a reflection of how peaceful we each are on the inside as individuals. Always. Look at what’s happening in your own life. Is there a lot of chaos? Turmoil? Problems at work? Problems in your relationships? Then you have a lot of chaos happening inside your mind. You are not at peace.

That is my work. Your work. Our work collectively. I honestly believe that anyone who hurts another does so because they are not at peace within themselves. Because if you are truly peaceful within you have no reason in the whole wide world to lash out. None.

Until you recognize that you are already whole and peace at your core, what you see in the world, in your own life, will continue. You are responsible for taking control of and living your life from a place of wholeness. If you realize you are not at peace within yourself, please, please, please, whatever you do, do not beat yourself up and shame yourself for it. Nor blame anyone else. Finding and creating peace is your job. No one can do it for you.

If you need help finding it, please seek that out through a therapist, a coach, a friend, a mentor, whoever you need to help you. But please do it. The health of our planet and every person, animal, and tree deserve you taking responsibility for your own life and living from that place of wholeness. You need it and the world depends on it. I can promise you it’s already there. It’s underneath all of your protective layers that you think are keeping you safe, but are really just smothering you. Peace is who you are when everything else is stripped away. It’s the peace connected to the entire universe. Be the peace you already are and you will see it reflected back to you in your life, and the world, a million fold.

As Ghandi said,” you must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I honestly have no answer as to how to stop terrorism on this planet other than to find peace within myself, and do anything I can to help someone see their wholeness and find peace within themselves. Then we will be on the true path to a peaceful world.

And I believe, if you choose, you can do this too.

That is what I know to be true right now.

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~ Susan

Get Outside and Nurture Your Life

What is True for You Right Now?

I’ve not written to you for two months now. Part of me doesn’t want to continue writing because I have SO SO SO enjoyed the increased free time and not having the self-made commitment of writing weekly. And then there’s this other part of me that really wants to return to writing again. There’s actually a deeper part of me that does yearn to be “a writer”, and I have missed it. Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

I do struggle with where to take the Nurture Your Life Newsletter next. Maybe (hopefully) me sharing my own journey in this wild ride of a life we all live will inspire or help you on your own.

I’ve always loved Oprah’s ending to her magazine each month where she writes “What I Know for Sure”. It’s the place I feel she gets the most real in her magazine about life. There’s depth there.

I think I’ll add an end to this newsletter called, “What I Know to be True Right Now”. Because you can only really ever know what you know right now in this moment. Every choice you’ve made and everything thing that has happened to you up to this point informs who you are now and how you view life. And as life continues on and you gain even greater wisdom because you live your life with awareness and presence (which of course you do because you wouldn’t be reading this type of newsletter if you weren’t), what is true for you might change.

So I’m going to ramble a bit since it feels so right. I’ve been part of the self-help community for a looooooooong time. If you’ve read this newsletter for any length of time, you know personal growth is one of the top priorities in my life. I really do enjoy learning and growing and becoming a newer version of myself all the time.

Which is why taking two months away from goal attaining/striving/trying to get to the next thing has been HUGE for me. Never in my life have I stopped working towards a goal. Never. Always a degree to earn, always a job to get better at, always a business to build, always something.

So for me to spend two entire months not working toward something would have seemed like total failure in the past. Who I am if I’m not doing something that someone (who that might be I’m not sure) might think was worthwhile and not wasting my time?

I met that someone in person and she happened to be my very own mind. My own inner Creuella-De-Vil, who told me that just focusing on realigning my body through Physical Therapy, working my job at REI, and enjoying what happened to show up in my life was NOT ENOUGH. I told her to sit down and shut up. I told her I had had enough of her. That life was meant to be enjoyed and not everything I did had to be about attaining some goal and proving my worth to myself. That was the key. It wasn’t about proving my worth to others, but proving it to myself. Really BIG pondering thought there.

It wasn’t until I stepped away did I see how hard I’ve been working. Mostly mentally. Trying to get somewhere with something. I wish I could describe to you the freedom I’ve felt by letting go of my own need to work toward a goal all the time. There are just no words for the peaceful relaxed, open, contented, and restful place I’m in.

Do I wished I’d stepped into this space of letting go of Cruella a bit earlier. No, not really. You see I wouldn’t have been ready four years ago, not even four months ago to do it. Because that isn’t where I was on my personal growth journey.

I often hear you’re never ready for changes in your life but I actually have found that hasn’t been the case for me at all. I’ve made changes when I decided because I was ready. There’s something to be said about stepping up and shifting your life when you just KNOW it’s time. And I know for me that when I want to shift something, I do it. And there’s no fear involved. I hear from many self-help gurus that in order for something to be worthwhile to change there has to be fear. And I think that isn’t true for everyone or all the time. Fear doesn’t have to be part of the equation at all.

So I still don’t know where I’m headed with the Nurture Your Life Newsletter. I do know I don’t plan to write it weekly like I’ve done in the past. Let’s just say I’ll write once a month for sure, and if I’m feeling inspired, I’ll write more often. You’ll just have to check your email every Saturday to see if I’m there or not.

So what do I know to be true right now?

That no one can really tell you how to find what is true for you. Yes, you might read something in self-help that fits, or follow a part of a path someone else has taken, but if something is really true for you right now you will have a deep knowing and sense of peace about it. No question. Of course that’s how I know for me, it might be different for you. That’s for you to discover. If you really want to know (and you don't know now) you keep searching. That’s what I’ve done.

And when they (the spiritual self-help gurus) say, the answers really are inside of you, they really, truly, deeply are.

Until next time…keep searching.

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~ Susan

Get Outside and Nurture Your Life


Are you Woo-Woo?

I know that asking you if you’re woo-woo may be a little bit of a strange question. Most people who know me think I’m pretty practical. And I am. But I am also quite woo-woo too. But what is woo-woo really? Susan Grace Carroll, Life Coach, Bend, OR

Well, if you look it up online, most of the dictionaries will give you something like this:

woo-woo   [‘wu:,wu:]: -adjective

derogatory, slang based on or involving irrational superstition

Basically, you believe in something that is crap.

What’s fascinating is that woo-woo is just another term for spirituality. It’s something you can’t touch, taste, see, or hear. It’s irrational to the intellectual mind. It can’t wrap itself around it. Back in the day, you would be burned at the stake for talking about anything in the spiritual realm. It scared the bejeebees out of the powers that be. So they reacted from a place of fear. If you can’t see it, touch it, smell it, or taste it, it might hurt you. You must be very afraid.

But we’ve come a loooooong way since those days. Look at all of the spiritual sages of our time who are sharing amazing ideas as well as scientific evidence of exactly what they are talking about. Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Abraham, Byron Katie, Martha Beck, Mike Dooley, Pema Chodren, and so many more.

We’re talking about God here, the divine, the universe, consciousness, the force, you pick the term that feels right for you.

Good golly I think I’ve been on this spiritual woo-woo path almost my entire life. Being in church and following a specific religion just never felt right to me. I know it feels right to others and that is perfectly fine. You have to follow your own path and know what feels true for you.

So why do I even bring this up?

Because I’ve been meeting quite a few people recently who have been interested in woo-woo and spirituality. They are curious and asking questions. From my end, it is SO fun. With both friends and clients I can talk about how we are all connected and all one. That there is no separation from me and the bird at my birdfeeder, or the neighbor across the street, or the fisherman who lives in a village in Asia, or from God. We are all part of the vastness called life, connected to it, and intertwined. When you live your life from that place and space versus your thinking mind, your entire life opens up in the most amazing way.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting on my deck taking in the trees and just know I need to call someone. And in calling them I find out they needed my help with something, just at that moment. There is no way my brain can honestly come up with just knowing that. There has to be another force that inspires that thought. This is not a coincidence. It’s often not rational. It won’t make sense to your intellectual mind. You can’t really explain it to anyone else either. But it’s okay because in your heart it feels right.

How do you know if you’re on the spiritual path or woo-woo? Even a little? Because you recognize that certain belief systems you’ve had in place don’t feel right to you anymore, maybe even stifling. You might be more interested in exploring and experiencing divine consciousness without all the rules.

So I’m definitely about as practical as they come. And I’m woo-woo too. Do I believe in unforeseen forces? Absolutely. Honestly, those forces are so full of love and peace and feel so true, I’ve got all the proof I need that woo-woo isn’t crap or superstitious, for my life, my friend’s lives, as well as for my clients.

When I let the woo-woo part of me lead the practical, things in my life sail pretty darn smoothly. It’s magic really.

There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I can promise you, if you’re on the woo-woo spiritual path, and are open to what can be revealed for your life, you will be so amazed, blown away, and grateful. Your heart will be so very full. And what more can you ask for in life?

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